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Let me tell you about us: Our product is essentially Brett Manning. We are based all around him and his method and techniques but we have various other instructors within the studio. Our studio is called Brett Manning Studios. We are a vocal instruction company in the Nashville/Music Row area. We are trying to distinguish ourselves from the other division of our company, Singing Success. Our company is divided into two sections, Singing Success and Brett Manning Studios (BMS). We are housed all in the same building and we work together as a whole but we need to be able to distinguish our voice instruction studio from the Singing Success side of the business.

Here is what we need: A logo that we can use to distinguish our studio. Something recognizable. Needs to be separate from singing success, but complimentary to it.

Out target audience is: Musicians from all over seeking voice technique and advice.

We like these designs: Our concept must coincide with www.singingsuccess.com's colors. Please visit this website to see the color scheme we are looking for.

Our design absolutely must have: Must be eye catching and modern, not traditional. Must coincide with web 2.0 graphics. We want our logo to be consistent with this. please visit www.singingsuccess.com. Reds, golden yellow tones, Brett Manning's signature.

Things we don't like or don't need for this project or other things to avoid using, doing, seeing, etc.: Be creative, we are very open minded! We just bought our new studio and are literally starting from scratch. We are looking for something to work with for the years to come.

For more info - Please visit our website, www.singingsuccess.com or research Brett Manning.



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