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BreakThrew Reports

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Data Driven Visual Reports, Making The Hard Easy (Relief - finally feel in control of your online business decisions), Modern / Adaptive Technology.


It must be clean and not have to many design elements. The winning logo should contain a "clever" element to showcase our unique approach to reporting. Our app helps people understand what their website / marketing campaigns online data (google analytics, adwords, etc) mean in english - And most importantly how the user can use that data to increase on-site conversions. The data is interactive and offers clear if-then-what results unlike other reporting solutions. The logo should make our target audience of buiness professionals feel that our brand is trustworthy and essential to do their job. We're taking complicated data and making it easy to understand how to use that data to improve sales, conversions. :)

Additional Info

Our inspiration for the reporting design / user focused / easy to understand : https://www.goldmansachs.com/insights/ar...

Top competitors (don't like any of there logos, way to "Old World" they pull in existing data.) but still important to share. https://www.tableau.com, https://reportgarden.com/, http://www.reportingninja.com/



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