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Let me tell you about me.

Important note: I will begin educating and sharing with fellow photographers in the fall so I will be mentioning this website if all goes well!

The name of my boutique photography studio is Leslie Ann Mills Photography. I have been in business for 5 years and I specialize is high end wedding coverage, fine art portraiture and real life photojournalism. Words that some of my clients have used to describe my photography style include: modern, elegant, stylish, artistic, romantic, emotional, expensive & real. My studio also offers high end photo frames, jewelry, photo handbags, and framing. The photogrpahy industry has become extremely competitive so I want to stand out in a crowd and to have a recognizable brand. My work seems to stand on its on by referral but there is nothing special about my website or my presentation materials which I will need in order to reach the untapped markets.

Here is what I need:

The logo will be used on my website, blog, stationery, product packaging, and some form of it will have to appear on the DVDs that I sell to my clients.

My target audience is:

Brides and mothers of young children are my primary clients. The 20-30 year old age bracket book 80% of the appointments. Even though the brides mother (45-60 year old) may be the paying customer, the bride is the one that usually chooses the photographer. Weddings are definitely the most profitable so we may want to really focus on what will be appealing to the 20-30 year old bride. Once I book a bride they tend to call me when their children are born.

I want to begin a wedding marketing plan that will focus on graduating college senior females since they are usually the ones graduating and probably marrying within a couple of years. The clients that retain my services, either, say they love my photography and are willing to pay more for it because it means so much to them or they like what they see and money is not an issue. Luckily for me, I usually book more of the "love" type.

My portraits and services are definitely considered high end. My prices are high and I deliver a superior product. I currently book primarily word of mouth and travel statewide but I want to start branding my studio and develop a better web presence, especially in the Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill area of NC. I also book several destination beach weddings each year. I want my look and brand to be appealing to clients in small towns and nearby metropolitan areas. The Boutique look is what I am trying to achieve. From my website to my packaging, I want everything to be upscale and memorable. I wish I had a catchy name for my business other than my name but that part is already done.

I like these designs:

I think I want something modern, fresh, clean, maybe on a white background that will appeal to young ladies and women. Nothing too trendy. The logo needs to stand the test of time. I think I would like some type of hand-drawn symbol or designer graphic. I tend to like circular, whispy, monogram or flourish type designs.Colors schemes that may be appealing to me are: raspberry pink & pumpkin orange, black & white with an accent color, lime green & teal, lime & raspberry pink, silver & black/white, brown & soft blue/teal, pink & green, brown with a color, silver with a metallic color, maybe? Based on the colors mentioned add try other colors and I may like it. Usually, I look to fashion magazines and home decorator books for color ideas.Many times I seem to like the logos of interior designers. I also like boutique shops, specialty shops, high end stationery stores, and the preppy look.

I studied wine and perfume bottles and found a lot of designs that I liked. If I find links to ideas on line I will add them.

Fonts can be lower case, uppercase, script or a mixture

My design absolutely must have:

My name: Leslie Ann Mills with or without the word Photography or Fine Art Photography (not case sensitive, you choose)

Optional: Key words: modernemotionalreal

Optional: A tag lineif you can think of one based on what I have included here

I dont want to limit anyones creativity so if I listed something that you wanted to try, by all means do!

Things we dont like or don't need for this project or other things to avoid using, doing, seeing, etc.

I do not like traditional colors like hunter green, navy blue, royal blue, red, bright orange, and bright yellow.

I am picky about fonts but I dont want to rule out anything because you may use them in a way that I like but just a thought, I do not usually like thick or masculine fonts.

No real pictures or camera graphics



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