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I have a very small team. Some of the team aspect comes from the resources I employ. In other words the other attorneys, inspectors, contractors, mortgage brokers, etc.

My business has 5 star reviews on Google. It is comprised of sales, limited rentals, vacation rentals, Buyer agency, etc. I am one of the most technologically savvy agents in my market.

I live and work in Jamaica Plain, which is a neighborhood of Boston. It is known for being a bit more edgy and hip than the rest of Boston. There is a large gay and lesbian population, and in general a very progressive environment. You might find it to be similar to some parts of San Francisco, Williamsburg in Brooklyn, or Portland, OR. My blog has links to lots of JP businesses and organizations to give you a sense of the place.

I am very active in my community and my "platform" is being a friend to my clients. They always end up inviting me for parties and BBQs or out for pints. I enjoy writing about my community on my blog www.thebostonhometeam.com/blog. I am not afraid to be a little edgy myself or have an opinion. I have quite a few tattoos and you will never see me in a red sport coat.

My clients like the down to earth nature of my service and especially that I'm not the guy you call to show you around and say, "so this is the ktchen, isn't it lovely?" I go straight to the basement and crawl under the heating system. I educate my clients on EVERY aspect of buying a home from structural, mechanical, to pests etc.

Jamaica Plain is known for it's Hipster population, although they're only a small section of the market. We have many 30 something professionals and medical professionals up to 50 year olds, mostly progressives.

I am a huge architecture and design freak. I LOVE mid-century modern and modern architecture although my market is decidedly old-school. The bulk of the housing here are "flats" and often the buildings are 100+ years old. . 2BD, 1000+/-SF units in 3family dwellings, however, I would like to start capturing some of the higher end market in the area.

I would like the font to be architectural like (I'm not married to this I just like it) Neutraface or the like. I love those steel letters like on the outside of the Guggenheim. SEO is the most important part of my business. All of my clients find me either through referral or the web. Therefore having my url prominant is pretty important. TheBostonHomeTeam.com. Again, I'm not married to this, it just seems important right now.

This logo will need to be legible on the website, real estate signs, and some print materials. I want it to be iconic and timeless. It should look as good in 10 years as it does today - in the sense of dating itself.

I like two different schools when it comes to logos.

1. Bold, colorful, high contrast, super simple.
2. Monochromatic, sophisticated, architectural, classic.

What are the top 3 things you would like to communicate through your logo?

Creative, hip, knowledgeable.

What logo styles do you like (image + text, image only, text only, etc.)

I'm open. I'm visually oriented so I need to see it before I can say. I would prefer it has the URL as I am very SEO oriented, but I'm open. Upper case, lower case, mixed, I don't care. I just want cool and effective. Timeless. I don't want to have a logo thats dated in 2 years.



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