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This is a design for a new business.
No website built yet..want logo first...www.blutraxaudio.com
My business is going to be in eCommerce.
I shall be opening up online stores in Amazon, Shopify. Etc...
I shall be selling Bluetooth devices..Headphones, Ear buds, Speakers Etc..
I am sourcing High Quality devices and have began receiving samples for testing
My Brand name is BluTrax Audio.
I shall be looking for something that stands out when on a headphone, speaker etc
Separate files for BluTrax and BluTrax Audio as I will have to keep logo on headphones Ear Buds short. I would also like a small symbol in front of BluTrax..ie Nike have their tick..something that I could put onto ear buds etc..where there is not enough room for print and will be instantly recognisable as BluTrax.
But BluTrax Audio..will be the name of my store and the name I shall be marketing with and placing on packaging.


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BluTrax Audio

Top 3 Things

Striking, High Quality, Bluetooth Devices


Simple, Striking and Rememberable with a logo pre fix than will associate with BluTrax..same as Nike has a Tick..something that can be printed onto earbubs etc..

Additional Info

The products are all high quality wireless listening Device's. I would like the logo to reflect the high quality aspect. I will need files that can be used by printers on packaging and also indented/inscribed onto products. I will need to be able to change logo colour for different colour devices..to make it stand out.I will also need files that can be used in online campaigns/advertising and Webpage. I have attached a file of another companys symbol..printed onto an earbud



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