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Our company offers adventurous horse vacations to a predominantly women's market. Rides include all women weeks, horseback tours to see wild mustangs in their natural habitat, horsemanship clinics, fall color rides and weeks for couples/mixed groups of men and women. Rides are geared to more intermediate to experienced skill level riders, well beyond beginners, no kids under age 16. Current company name is High Wild & Lonesome Horseback Adventures. The content, ride packages, photography, etc. won't change much with the new site, but the new name much, much better reflects what it is that our rides/experience is all about. Current website really says it all: www.hwl.net *Active Rides on Good Horses (kinda speaks for itself). *Away from the Crowds (small groups of riders, more intimate experience). *Home on the Range (comfortable camping, with a few amenities). *Wide Open Spaces (wilderness, room to ride free, isolation, remoteness). *Ride with the Wades (owner operated, by a Wyoming family who knows and understands what this country and the feeling of riding free in it really means; we are not transplants from somewhere else; also people can book direct with the owners, not having to go through an agent or broker). The tag line: There are a lot of things you can't get out here. There are a few things here you can get nowhere else. Words used by our guests to describe their feelings: Freedom, joy, fun, peace of mind, simple, straightforward, renewal, sense of self. A song that really captures the feelings: "Song of Wyoming" as recorded by John Denver. Colors: Naturally, blue sky (which is not the same as "sky blue" :) and sage green, the true color of sagebrush, with other earth tones certainly considered.


Our desire is to have a brand identity logo that will be predominantly used on our new website (in production), but would be useable on anything else we may want to develop later on, i.e. stationery, business cards, retail items such as canvas gift bags, wash cloths, hats, etc. We want a single, identifying logo design for everything we may ever want to brand.


These women range in age from early 30's to mid-60's, most are horsewomen, from experienced riders who own their own horses and ride regularly to those who rode in their youth, have dreamed about fulfilling their "cowgirl dream" or who are physically fit women looking to start riding in adulthood and have been taking lessons, getting into it. Currently the locales most of these gals come from are the New England and Atlantic coast states, from the Carolinas to Maine, Georgia, Florida and some from California, with sprinklings from Texas, Colorado and other states; a few international travelers as well particularly from the UK. Predominantly horsewomen who spend their $$ on their horses and traveling on horses, some all over the world. This is also our most desired market.

Also, we get a few men, most who ride with their wives or the occasional gentleman who travels on horse vacations by himself, not part of a "macho" group of guys, but someone who is in it for the benefits of the horses, wilderness and overall experience.


We want something that is clean, simple, modern and uncluttered. Prefer line drawings, like the samples here for Jamaican Miracle, Runner Chick. Our new website will be designed similar to www.telluride.com and that logo is kind of in the genre. Two or three colors at most, preferably two.

There is a scene in the movie "Dances with Wolves" near the beginning where Kevin Costner looks like he is going to commit suicide by running his horse across in front of the Confederate line; he goes for awhile, then drops the reins, tips his head back and throws his arms up, like he is giving himself up to whatever is going to happen. This seems to convey a sense of freedom and release he has never known; that's what our customers get when they come out and ride with us. A simple re-creation of this scene, as a female might be something to seriously consider.


Not sure about "must have", we're pretty open to ideas. However must NOT have cowboy, cowgirl, western, old west, new west or corny western script, fonts, themes, etc. Also, not too feminine, more spirited, adventurous, sensible, unfettered, modern. While these trips are a retreat of sort, we don't want it to convey too much of a meditative image. Use of blue sky and clouds, a sagebrush, partial horse and mane in a line drawing type design are all appealing.



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