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There are no client updates at this time.

I have a long-running (and high pagerank) blog at blueskyonmars.com. I'm changing its focus to be exclusively software development and product management. I'm also planning to start up a series of videos there.

So, I want a logo that will look good on the site and in my videos (not that there's really anything special that has to be done for the videos!)

It is possible that the logo will be used in print some day (say on DVD covers, perhaps)

My target audience is "software development leaders". People who want to keep up with the most interesting stuff that's going on and who care about their craft of building great software.

I want a logo that looks sharp and bright, but doesn't take itself too seriously. (A dash of whimsy is always good... I'm not going for the "enterprisey" feel.)

The current look of the site is irrelevant for this logo design. Colors and everything, really, are open.

The name "Blue Sky On Mars" obviously conjures some images of, well, the planet Mars with a blue sky. Feel free to go with that, or not. There may be ideas that fit better with software development than with Mars, but it will make sense to at least go for Mars or software code as a theme.



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