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Who We Are:

PhotoCannon is a new desktop software application that allows anyone to send a bunch of pictures to a bunch of people at once in the easiest way possible.

Our goal is to make it dead simple for someone who is not computer savvy to send lots of pictures to their friends and loved ones without having to know anything about email attachments, file sizes, FTP, uploading to a photo sharing site, etc.

PhotoCannon is perfect for sharing photos with friends after youve been on a vacation together and youve both taken a ton of pictures with your digital camera. Its also a great choice for new parents that want to share all those pictures of the baby with their loved ones.

While you can certainly upload all the pictures to a photo sharing site, the person youre sending them to still has to download each picture individually, which can be a very time-consuming process. You could also try to send the pictures as email attachments, but if theres a lot of pictures this quickly becomes a bad idea. Many ISPs limit the number and size of attachments you can send, so emailing a lot of pictures at once can be a big hassle.

PhotoCannon takes away all these frustrations with a dead simple interface that keeps you focused on the only two things that matter: where are your pictures and who are you sending them to. Thats it. PhotoCannon takes care of the rest.

Here is what we need:

We need a logo to represent the PhotoCannon brand. We are looking for something that is clean, fun, and will represent us well in the business-to-consumer market.

Key Concepts to consider incorporating into the logo

- Fun: PhotoCannon is primarily meant for home users that want to share pictures of fun events like vacations, parties, the birth of a child, etc. Anything the logo can do to capture this spirit of fun and whimsy will be a plus.

- Speed: PhotoCannon excels at sending large amounts of pictures quickly, hence the cannon in our name. Think of stuffing a ton of pictures in a cannon and then blasting them out to your friends.

- Simplicity: PhotoCannons user interface is designed with the novice computer user in mind. The logo should reflect this simplicity and not be anything too intricate.

Our target audience is:

Our target audience is the novice home computer user. This is someone who can use email and surf the web, but doesnt do much else with their computer. It might be your mother or your grandfather who knows just enough to send you the occasional email, but not much else.

We want these people to view PhotoCannon as the helpful nephew that knows about computers and helps them complete tasks that would otherwise be too hard for them to complete. As such, were not looking for a logo that screams high tech or geeky. We want something that is friendly and approachable.

We like these designs:

We think the perfect example of what were looking for in our logo design is the Tivo logo. Its friendly, approachable, and fun, and it represents the purpose of the product very well. We obviously do not want a copy of this logo, but something that captures the same feel for the PhotoCannnon brand.

Our design absolutely must have:

Our preference would be to have a two-part logo that includes both a stylized version of the product name PhotoCannon and an indelible icon or character that can be used with the company name and as a standalone entity.

By character, we mean something akin to a mascot or personality. Again, think of the Tivo guy, but without the company name being part of the character itself. A character/mascot is not a must, but the standalone icon must be something that still conveys the fun/friendly/simple vibe that were going for.

Things we dont like or don't need for this

project or other things to avoid using, doing, seeing, etc.

Dont submit something that has a stock piece of clipart in it. Youll be wasting both your time and ours.


The logo will be used in all marketing materials including, but not limited to, our web site, business cards, stationary, etc.

Technical Requirements:

Size: the logo should still be legible at a scale of less than one inch so it can be used on business cards.

Color: please present logo as black on white along with suggestions for colors or additional examples of the logo with color. Please use no more than 3 colors in the logo. Gradients are acceptable.

Fonts: custom and/or designer fonts are perfectly fine. Any font used in the design must be available as an OpenType or

TrueType font for less than $300.

File Formats: EPS, AI, PSD, or JPG.



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