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Blackstone Pizza is a start up pizza joint in North San Diego County that serves fresh and delicious thin crust pizzas, salads and sandwiches to a diverse customer base. Our dough is prepared by hand and our specialty pizzas are bold and unique, yet we still offer the classics that cater to the general pizza eating crowd. We offer quick counter service in our 1600 sq. ft. space, including pizza-by-the-slice, and we also offer delivery.

The name Blackstone Pizza originates from the color of a well seasoned pizza stone that darkens over time from the drippings of items cooked in the oven. Our food is artisanal in a "hands-on" craftsman way, (NOT in a bohemian, artsy sort of way). Our pizza's are thin crust "New York" style, but we ARE NOT a New York style pizza joint. We are local owners who take care in preparing our food just as we would at home, but we ARE NOT a Mom and Pop pizza joint.

Blackstone Pizza IS THE place from which you want to order your pizza. Period. We are edgy and perhaps a little bit arrogant. But we exist to provide great food and excellent service to our customers.


We are looking for a logo for our business that would be used on our signage, website, boxes, advertisements, t-shirts, etc. etc.

The logo must convey our personality as a business: hip, edgy & unique; however, it must also be obvious that we are a pizza joint. We want a logo that is extensible in the sense that over time we would like to have several locations. So we want something that will support a sort of "corporate credibility" without losing its "street cred". Something that would look good on a black T-Shirt that high school or college kids might actually wear, but definitely NOT something that would offend the parents and families that actually have money to spend on dining out.

We like the idea of a relatively clean logo, that perhaps focuses on some of these elements:





We DO NOT like logos that convey traditional Italian food (e.g. - Red, Green & White color themes; tomatoes on the vine; kooky caricatures of Italian chefs waxing their mustaches, etc).


Our target audience can be broken down into five specific groups:

1. Local high school students. Our first location is within walking distance of a high school that has an open campus for most Seniors. There are also over 200 kids in the school's football programs that are really hungry after practice during the football season.

2. Local families. There are approximately 85,000 mostly middle class residents within a 3 mile radius of our first location. There is an elementary school that is .75 miles away, with a densely populated suburban development surrounding it.

3. Adult softball players and skateboarders. There is a city park between the high school and the first location that hosts adult softball leagues several nights a week, throughout the year. Additionally, there is a public skateboarding facility in the park that is regularly used by teenagers and young adults.

4. Local businesses. The first location is less than 1 mile away from the City administration building, and there are several small businesses including a local dairy processing plant directly surrounding the location.

5. College students (delivery). The first location is less than 3 miles away from a 4-year university with approximately 10,000 students.

We are creating an environment that appeals to the younger audience (high school and college students), while still attracting the middle class families.


Some local restaurants that have logos and designs that convey a similar attitude towards food that we do include:

The Burger Lounge: http://www.burgerlounge.com/

Stone World Bistro: http://www.stoneworldbistro.com/

Fonts that we've played around with include "Jester" & "Boulder", but are open to others.



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