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What is the exact name you would like in your logo?

Behemoth Crossfit

What are the top 3 things you would like to communicate through your logo?

With it being a crossfit gym promoting optimal health, fitness and longevity:

1. I feel that within each individual exists unlocked potential to become a more powerful being/person/entity than they already are or have yet to become. These same people can become "behemoth" by simply pushing past their self-imposed limitations and achieving greatness, which, in my business, can be defined by doing something they once thought they couldn't, believing in themselves and proving to themselves they are better than what they already are.

2. Everyone has the potential to be bigger and better than they already are with the right guidance.

3. Cool and distinct

What logo styles do you like (image + text, image only, text only, etc.)

Image + text, something that looks good big or small. Simple color scheme that can be easily projected on to retail items or signage. I really like the silhouette look with very little actual detail but the solid color within the body but precise detail of the outline to signify what the figure is

Do you have any other info or links you want to share?

Essentially I wanted to go with a regular person, standing in a doorway and their shadow be something greater than themselves like a beast or "behemoth" showing their inner capabilities and unreleased potential as human beings, basically my motto. Here is an example of what I had in mind:


I like the simplicity of this logo. Its connected as one piece and can work very simply on which ever retail I chose for it to go on. Here is another idea:


And another, this one is of a bird obviously, but it's shadow is another figure. That is the idea I'm going with...


I've also recently thought about something like this:


...whereas it is a silhouette man standing with a briefcase in front of a replica silhouette behemoth/beast holding a kettlebell or barbell. Simple colors with one being a white outline and the other in black

Here is another play off of that picture above, slightly better...


For the actual silhouette of the behemoth I would like the beast to have human form but still an animal/beast flavor to it. Some creature of massive size in comparison to the human figure its projecting from. Hulk is a good example of the actual size in comparison to the human figure with excessively larger arms, legs, fists, feet, thighs etc. I really like the comic book look as I've attached a few photos, specifically of the villains of the Hulk as they are more beastly and more "behemoth" in a sense that they have that human-esque build but animal/creature flavor I'm going for. In the comic book photos I have attached I like the poses of the figures within them. Very dark, powerful, looming positions as if it was a beast within just awaiting its release.

I'm attaching all the photos I have linked to above and ultimately what may work best is a mis of them all. A simple human being figure, with it facing the wall and it's back visible. A average human being (preferably male) holding a brief case, in a suit or signifying a regular day job and its shadow projects onto the wall in front and the shadow is of a silhouette of the behemoth facing the human figure except maybe holding a kettlebell or a barbell with weights, yet the silhouette is just a detailed outline of the shadow but the back of the human figure (which we see) can be of more detail, holding a briefcase, in a suit, nice hair, etc.



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