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We are a research group of economists who use experimental methods to gain insights into decision-making by individuals and groups. We know that providing incentives to change behavior tends to work, but we want to understand the mechanism for why incentives work and how best to design them to achieve better outcomes. We want to understand how people react to incentives, how inattention or behavioral biases affect decisions and what shapes preferences and attitudes.

We conduct field studies and collect our own data to better understand decision-making in areas such as child development (what causes a child to misbehavior in school?), educational outcomes (what drives whether or not a kid graduates from high school?), charitable fundraising (what are the most efficient ways for charities to fundraise?) and bargaining outcomes (why do some groups, e.g. men and women, get better or worse deals in the market?). We often partner with organizations (e.g. state government, school districts, charities and businesses) to help them design better programs. The findings from our work reach and influence academics, policy makers, nonprofits and businesses.


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CFXd – Center for Field Experiments and Design

Top 3 Things

Seriousness, professionalism, creativity


We want to convey a serious research group that is also on the frontier of discovery and new insights. It should convey research, scientific curiosity, insights, discovery and experimentation. It should be visually appealing and out of the ordinary. We want a logo that is memorable and not staid. Our approach to scientific discovery is innovative, academic and involves planned experimentation to uncover phenomenon that are not easy to document with normal approaches. This will be important to get across to out audience.

Additional Info

Our center is the Center for Field Experiments and Design, and the abbreviation we use is CFXd. We will be using the logo on our web site and also for an app we have developed to be able to collect behavioral data from a large population of individuals. The app is the vehicle through which we will curate a panel of individuals who will answer survey questions and play experimental games several times a year for years to come. Our group is also planning on offering fellowships and internships to encourage young, talented individuals to come and work with us (e.g. the CFXd Fellowship, the CFXd Internship, the CFXd app Panel, etc).



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