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We are a small building engineering consultancy that focus only on green buildings. We have been open for 3 years and have been using a very basic logo (see www.bee-inc.com). We would now like to rebrand. The company has always been referred to as "BEE inc." and this is also our logo. We have now decided to drop the "inc." and proceed with only "BEE" as the company name. One of our interns has already done a few variations of our new logo but we now need professional help to complete it.

Please see attached file for reference.

From the attached file you will see that the "bee" in interlinking letters (two grey and one green) have already been decided upon. This is not the primary concern for this project but if anyone has interesting alternatives to propose for this, they are welcome.

The primary objective of this project is to formulate the motif/image that can be placed on the top right of the "bee". Our initial idea was to use a loose motif of a bee but all the options we have created do not seem to work. If the bee is too abstract then we loose the professional feel of the logo, it the bee is too traditional then it clashes with the modern font of the "bee" letters. We are also having trouble getting the right mix of color and fill into the motif so that it stands out but doesn't clash with the colors of the "bee" letters.

We want to create a motif that is original, creative, and at the same time professional and sleek. We are OK to sacrifice a little of the professional feel for a more creative one if the motif and letters really go well together.

We also explored the idea of using a honeycomb but from our research this motif has already been used extensively.

We are open to designers proposing other ideas besides a bee or honeycomb motif.

Please note that it is our intention to use the motif/image separately and independently of the letters for marketing material and promotion. For example, the bee motif can be placed on top of letterheads, cufflinks, bags, etc. In the future, we would like for our company to be recognized by the motif just as much as by the name "bee".

NOTE: the green used in the "bee" letters is the official company color. In Ai it is called "Global Green" (C 80% / M 0% / Y 100% / K 0%).

I am available anytime for questions so feel free to contact me.



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