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BEST (Bedfordshire East Schools Trust)

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To develop a new logo for BEST, for use initially on the new website (in development) and subsequently for use across other media, including print.

A logo that works well both on screen and across digital and printed media. The logo needs to work against a white background as well as a coloured background. Although there are no corporate colours to restrain the design, the signed off design for the website features a dark orange background so consideration needs to be given to this in the design. Consideration should therefore be given to supplying the logo in more than one iteration e.g. as a reverse out.
The only two mandatories are the word BEST in upper case letters and the full name of the organisation ie Bedfordshire East Schools Trust. Further, because the full title needs to be included, as well as the word BEST, consideration should be given as to layout vis a vis orientation i.e. how would the logo be adapted for use when the space does not lend itself to a long and thin portrait one?
The current logo features a chain of dots, each one designed to reflect a member. These dots are NOT mandatory; indeed, given that the organisation is seeking to expand, it may be desirable that these dots are dropped altogether. A replacement graphic is acceptable as a design alternative.

Audience and Background:
BEST is a foundation and charitable company limited by guarantee. More information can be found at http://www.best-schools.org.uk/ along with the current logo.
However, it's more important to look at the devlopment site which can be found at http://best.north-51.com/

The organisation has many stakeholders, of member organisations and others within Bedfordshire east, including in (very) rough order of priority:
Suppliers (local and national, large and small)
Head teachers and staff
The wider Bedfordshire East community.
DoE and central government
Local Education Authority
The emphasis of the organisation is to create a community in which the schools form the hub. The idea is that everyone supports each other for the good of the community a concept largely lost since the 50s/60s.
The time is now ripe for such a venture as the new government is supportive of academies and communities and reducing the role of the State and local authority where the situation warrants.
The logo therefore needs to be professional, but with a leaning more towards the charity/community sector than capitalism.

The plan is to roll out the BEST model to other communities once it has caught the eye of the Government and has proved to be a success.

What are the top 3 things you would like to communicate through your logo?

Community feeling...but from a business perspective
Collaborative approach to improve the life chances of 0-19 yr olds
Although the common denominator is academia, it doesn't want to be overly-institutional

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