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Creative Brief

Who are you?

A start up website that is trying to teach people on how to become a G. becomeag.com shows people how to have class and swag. If you dont know what a G is then you might have trouble making a logo for me. It will be on tshirts and the face of my business.

What do you need?

ALL i want for the logo is just the letter G. Be creative and classy.

I need it to be classy and have swag. The G needs an attitude. I need it to grab the attention of the on looker right off the enter page and make them want to see what a G is. I need it to be sexy. A smooth red and black gradient would be nice. Green or blue might also work. Just needs to look like a G made it. It needs to have its own ATTITUDE.
Also would like B.a.G. as like a header. nothing crazy just simple and nice, corresponding with the logos colors and attitude.

Who Is Your Audience?

Audience is a younger crowd, who wants to know what a G is. They want to see something that looks flashy and nice. Something that will make them more interested in what is in the site. I want everyone who looks at this young or old, cool or uncool to think that this logo is made for a boss.


We Like These Examples

Work that is classy and has swag

We Absolutely Must Have

I would like something along the lines of the G at the end of swag. I do not want orange, but i want the same type of feel as that G.



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