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We shred things. We have an industrial grade shredder that shreds boxes (for all you amazon lovers out there), plastic bottles, detergent bottles, all things that we recycle. Our goal is to SHRED anything and everything that we can recylce to REDUCE VOLUME. We can't fit all the stuff we buy in our garbage cans. Our machine chews it all up into dust. Not only for business's out there, but for regular every day people. Our audience is the consumer and the business.


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The ShredBox

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strength, clean, efficient, tough, rugged, fun, destroyer


Our company is all about the shredding machine called "The ShredBox." the machine looks like a tall box from the outside, But you open the lid and drop in your stuff you want to shred and close the lid and push the start button. The whole machine is made out of steel and sheet metal. It is very strong, but the motor is very quiet. The machine isn't huge either, its only 3 ft wide, 2 feet deep and 3.5feet tall. We want a logo that is slick and looks fun. Like everyone in the silicon valley would buy one. Something so cool that the buyer is proud of the logo. It would be great if the logo said it all.

Additional Info

We also need the logo to be simple so we can cut it into sheet metal on the side of our machine. If there are too many little features and pieces it may be hard. Maybe a logo with shiny steel. From the outside it will look harmless and clean. but on the inside is a shredder that will take your trash and turn it into dust. Making it so much easier to recycle, fit it all in your garbage can and help reduce your carbon footprint. THE ATTACHED SKETCH IS NOT THE ACTUAL COLORS, THAT IS JUST A DRAWING, NOT THE FINAL PRODUCT, BUT SHOWS YOU THE BASIC SHAPE AND SIZE.



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