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We are a financial investment firm, and we invest money on behalf of our investors so it's important to have a relatively serious image because they will see this. With that said, we want to have a modern and unique vibe so we are looking for some creativity behind the logo.


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Avante Capital Partners

Top 3 Things

1.) Progress - forward. "Avante" means forward progress 2.) Modern / Up-with-the-times 3.) Sophisticated Investor


We would like to please see an evolution from our past logo. We would like to have a much refreshed look with potentially some of the elements from the past logo but as a version 2.0. We will post our old logo - on it you will see a bow and arrow - if your logo submision contains a bow/arrow - we are looking for a modern/sleeker version or any other suggestions you can think. If you have a different image that's great too. If you don't have an image with your logo, that's also perfectively fine! we would still like to make sure the logo conveys progress without relying on cheesy forward italics. We will also post some images of some new logos that were done that weren't in our vision. As a starting point, we think having "Avante" on top with Capital Partners" in small letters underneath it is a good starting point, but you have the creative license.

We are looking to maintain a Corporate Focus vs. a Consumer Focus type-branding, while containing the modern creative and unique elements mentioned before.

Thank you for all of your work! Very appreciative.
Avante Team

Additional Info

Again, we will post three things. 1) Our old logo 2) some new logos that missed the mark 3) a guiding structure for you to alter/tweak/or change that you see best

I will also post our new homepage. So perhaps most important, please make sure it matches the home page itself!



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