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We are after a logo for our company Wholesale Solar. The logo will set the tone for the business, so we are looking for some creative inspiration but no over the top. Simple not slick. It should capture our identity see below

Backround - Making solar affordable

We are a new retail solar company that will sell and promote other companies solar panels, inverters and associated equipment direct to the public and other solar installers...Specializing in grid connect systems...We are looking to capitalize on the rapidly growing solar industry in Oz with generous rebates and high feed in tariffs being offered by the state and federal governments... We will offer solar panels and accessories at wholesale prices, straight from the manufactures cutting out the middle man offering a very competitive price as overheads will be limited/low....We will work on small margins but deal in large quantities... We are looking for a professional looking logo but nothing too slick or fancy as we want to keep the wholesale/warehouse/raw image, we don't want the logo to look too corporate...We will not stock only one type of panel/brand but many different types so the logo may represent diversity, only a thought.

Not really phased about colours however red, orange and yellows seem to be the flavour of the month and associate easily with solar. However blues and white I think work well. The logo can integrate, incorporate or be separate from the text "wholesale solar"

Our target audiences are as follows - We will be advertising/marketing to the masses including but not limited to, domestic residential mum and dad type customers, retired couples, middle and high income earners, environmentally conscious etc so really quite a broad audience/demographic looking to offset the increased cost in electricity and make an investment in their future and increase the value of their home.

Points Of Interest

* Obviously include the name of the business, but thats about it. We in the solar industry, so you can imagine sun related themes are very common but easily related to what we do. A logo that visually depicts our company at a glance.

* Focus of the business is giving customers the largest possible range at the cheapest possible prices. We say why pay retail? Buy wholesale and save.

* Simple and easy to read and also versatile, can be easily converted to black and white if needed as it will be used in all stationary items incl biz cards, letterhead, invoices, local press media including ads, signage, website, letterbox drops, uniforms, vehicle signage,post cards etc.

* We want to be able to easily recognise the logo and associate it with a good price and what we do which is sell cheap but not nasty solar panels. We would like to stand out from the many competitors in the marketplace but not look to dissimilar.

* We have seen many logos of related solar companies and we quite like the idea of incorporating solar panels, I think because it relates directly too what we do.

Further work - We will also need a website design from scratch along with a whole range of other marketing and promotional material in the near future.

I know there are a lot of ideas and messages to convey above and put into one logo but i hope you get the idea and concept of our business so any ? please just ask, only happy to answer and look forward to seeing the designs and will proivde feedback as soon as we can and thank you in advance for putting your thoughts and design talent together for us! We have attached a couple of logos we like the look of but nothing really grabs us, so looking for your own ideas and concepts....Happy designing....



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