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George W. Bush may come to be considered the worst American President in history. He has presided over the launch and mismanagement of two wars, taken an economy from prosperity to the toilet, condoned torture, compromised our country's position in the world community and so on. This position is hardly partisan - Democrats, Republicans and Independents all agree - this guy was a terrible President.

There's nothing we can do now but move on and try to repair the harm he has caused. But we should never forget the ass of a President that he was.

This is the idea behind assmemorial.com. The mission of the site is to create a physical memorial to the terrible presidency of George W. Bush - so that we will never forget what an ass he was - and never allow such a person to be elected again.

The site will operate in 4 phases. 1. Design - letting the public submit designs for the memorial, and letting users vote on which will be the best. 2. Placement - allowing people to propose sites where the memorial will be located, and then user voting for the best location. 3. Building - building the ass memorial and 4. Launch - cutting the ribbon on the memorial and opening it to the public.

We expect the logo to:

- Reflect the idea of a memorial - a monument to the past that encourages remembrance

- Reflect the idea of an ass - an idiot, a jerk, a loser, a terrible, selfish person

- Ideally the logo will incorporate a likeness of George W. Bush

Stylistically -

- Posses a modern sensibility

- A clever, non-corporate color scheme

- A sense of humor and fun

We plan massive promotion and marketing that should help put this logo in front a very large audience at a time when the whole US is very focused on politics. It should be fun.

We look forward to your entries, and thanks!



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