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We are a software and automation company that enters in to niche markets to provide unique and universal software solutions for that industry. For example, we purshased 2 trucks in order to enter the transportation market and will be providing automation solutions to other owner/operator and trucking brokers. We will do the same thing in real estate and otherwise.

It is our job to gracefully think outside of the box and provide a seamless and easy-to-use solution for all of our clients. We also ensure that we can be extremely affordable. We sell software, provide consulting and implementation services of software we sell, and provide adhoc solutions for customers that need a highly customized solution.

Although we are primarily a software company, we do enter these niche markets and become successful business owners and partners with our clients. Our target client is any business/business owner looking for more efficiency and automation in their day to day, with a desire to faster business decisions with data.


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Asantay OR Asantay Company

Top 3 Things

Professionalism, Easy of use, Efficiency


I want the logo to look very good as a mobile app logo in the app store.

I want it to be simple and extremely professional. It can be intricate as well, but it is important that it is not over-the-top. I still want it to look very cool though. I want the brand to be extremely recognizable. Apple's brand is well known and easily recognizable, because it is simple.

The logo can not be light baby blue, because it is the color of my current company.

Additional Info

Asantay comes from the word Asante, which means Thank you in Swahili. That is important because I am a black business owners, and it would be nice to represent the heritage of the word, but it is NOT necessary. Additionally, I know the word Asante because of the Lion King. The Lion King is my favorite movie of all time. Mufasa is my favorite charactar, and Rafiki represents wisdom and knowledge. I got the word from the song that Rafiki sings when he goes "Asante sana, squash banana, dewiwiwi...". IF there is a way to encorporate that at all then great. Also, unrelated, my favorite animal of all time is a wolf. I want someone to have FULL creative control over the font, colors, and content of the logo. I am just giving context.



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