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MyLoanBiz, LLC (www.myloanbiz.com) is a technology start-up rebranding under the name of Appiphony and we need a new logo. We currently develop lead management applications for mortgage call centers and are expanding our business beyond the mortgage vertical. Our new focus is much broader and aimed at the whole spectrum of companies that are business-to-consumer oriented and operate call centers.

The name Appiphony was chosen as a play on "epiphany" and because it represents the three core elements of what we deliver to our clients:

(App)lications - For managing B2C call center data.

(I)ntegration - linking your application to lead providers, partners and your website.

Tele(phony) - expertise in tying our applications in with a company's telephony system.

hence... Appiphony

The bulk of our technology is built on top of Salesforce.com's Force.com platform and our relationship with them is a very important aspect of our business and our identity.

We intend to use the logo for purposes of business cards, marketing materials, and our website.

We need a logo that feels smart, modern and web 2.0. We are all about "less is more"; preferably the logo would be simple, clean and clever.

We like our current colors of black, gray, red and white but would be open to other color schemes.

If possible we would like the logo to include some shape/element that could represent the company/brand by itself (also be used as a favicon on our website).

We want to AVOID the use of a graphic representation of a light bulb, with the play on "epiphany" we suspect there may be an urge to go this direction and feel the concept is too obvious and over-used. Please also avoid the use of telephones in the logo, our call center technology is focused on the software data management side and we do not want to have people think we provide hardware.

Let us know if you have any direct questions at all, we are very excited and appreciative of your ideas and concepts to come.



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