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Health Care & Biotech

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We are a new biotech/pharmacutical company. Our products will be geared towards physicians and patients


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Logo Text

"AB" or "Anchor Biologics" or a combination of both

Top 3 Things

1- There should be an anchor image (like a ship's anchor)
2- The head of the anchor (top loop where a chain normally attaches) is the important part of our drug. It is an enzyme that converts one thing to another so some way of showing this would be great. In my own sketches, I have had an arrow passing through the anchor loop and the arrow changes colors to indicate that some change has occured.
3- The font should be clean and professional


As I described, it should be an anchor. My favorite sketch is an anchor with the letters "A" and "B" on either side of the shaft of the anchor. Above, the loop of the anchor somehow demonstrates the idea that it is capable of converting one substance into another. In one version, I had "ANCHOR BIOLOGICS" spelled under the logo (spanning the width of the base of the anchor). I want all capital letters.



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