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What is the exact name you would like in your logo?


What is your industry?


What are the top 3 things you would like to communicate through your logo?

Please refer to detailed brief below

What logo styles do you like (image + text, image only, text only, etc.)

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Thank you for accepting this challenge. You are about to design the symbol that will represent my business NOW and for years to come. So if you give us your absolute creative best, you will be our designer for this and our future projects. All good concepts will be considered and active feedback will be provided on the best ones, as we work towards selecting the one we will be using.

Our Business Details:
EverOnward is a consulting, training, coaching and counselling company that offers services to assist people with their personal, career and business development. Our services include career coaching, life coaching, personal counselling, business coaching, NLP consulting, designing and delivering training programs, etc. See our website www.everonward.com for full information (but ignore the branding as it is on there only temporarily).

Ideas for Concepts:
We seem to prefer logos with a meaningful symbol that conveys the essence of what we do or the benefit we provide our clients.. These are some of the benefit we provide to our clients and some ideas you could build your concepts around: Improvement, progression, change, overcoming limitations, being fulfilled, achieving goals, gaining clarity, empowerment, changing mindsets, helping people see options, taking action, finding oneself, being happy. and all things that people need to succeed in their personal life, careers or business. Also concepts around us using a variety of methods to help clients would be good. Research our website, understand what we do, and that will give you ideas for concepts to work on. The logo needs to represent the whole business and not just some elements of it. We want you to think outside the box.

An example concept:
One concept already being considered by us is the letters e and o shaped in the form of an infinity symbol. The meaning here is that we help people see their infinite potential and options and help them have limitless progress.

Now... you may give us your best version of this EO infinity concept (or) come up with an entirely new, different and better concept. Its up to you, well consider both options

The Colour:
You can uses any colours as long as the logo is also clear in black and white. Once finalised and I have the file to edit, I can then experiment with different colour combinations on Photoshop. For now its most important to get the concept and design right.

The Style:
So, the style we are going for is sleek, elegant, attractive, confident, simple, suggestive, subtle, clever, modern, memorable, meaningful and thought-provoking.

The Design:
Any and all good designs will be considered, but here are some suggestions.Don't send us designs of just the name in a stylised font. We like designs that contain a meaningful symbol. Even better if the symbol is incorporated into the name somehow or into one of the alphabets of the name. We arent big fans of directional arrows (unless very tastefully done), we think we can be more subtle than that. We are also interested in the idea of 'fluid-designs/dynamic logo concepts' that change in appearance with every viewing or change based on the context.

But really nothing is set in stone and ALL good designs, styles and concepts will be considered. It needs to capture our hearts and minds and be so special that we absolutely must have it. Something that we will be proud of as we look at it every day for year to come. Are you our brand designer??

Thank you in advance. We admire and appreciate your creativity



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