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Amplify Global helps businesses expand internationally and realize their global potential. So whether a company is looking to come into the US, or expand into China, or expand from its Paris HQ throughout Europe, we help our clients reach their goals.

We are a globally mobile, internationally savvy, driven and fun group of professionals with a solid roster of clients large and small alike. We live and work all over the world.


You can see our website for our aesthetic which we describe as clean, modern, and uncluttered. The font is Eurostile. The pictures may change and can change to suit colors for the logo, but this is our basic look (landing page will always be skylines and iconic international buildings).

Since weve begun using our name, weve been very pleased with how strongly it resonates with people and the curiosity it piques.

We view our name as very visual and powerful amplify has motion and energy to it which we feel represents the energy and passion we bring to our projects. Global is, for us, more than the clich of doing business anywhere we have a network that allows us to actually execute around the world instead of merely providing lip service to the global concept.


We need a logo for our website, business cards, Power Point presentations, word docs. This logo will be on the homepage (and likely other pages) of our site so it needs to fit with the look and feel of the site but also needs to stand alone on business cards and presentations.


The target audience is firms that are actively pursuing international opportunities. These are established firms that range a variety of industries, including IT, professional services and creative services (live marketing) companies. The strength of our international network makes the biggest impact for our clients we are never more than 2 phone calls away from the information we need in any country. We find this is our competitive advantage, along with our ability to be very nimble and work quickly (without cutting corners).


We are open to having our initials AG as part of the design but it has to say our name, because AG doesnt mean anything in isolation. (For a thought on something we thought might be one way to start, see this wine labelthat we are offering up wine labels also says something about us!)


Note that this is just one idea and were not wedded to it, just want to see where it goes.

Another thought we had was whether there is way to project sound waves that isnt overly techy or funky Amplify to turn things up, ramp things up, (were tempted to make some Spinal Tap jokes but in case that isnt culturally relevant to some of you in other countries, we will refrain!). With this in mind though keep the professional look ever present in your mind.

Separately, we just had a look at this site:


The best one we like best is:

ignite creative (this seems the most similar to our name given the relationship between ignite and creative and amplify and global not sure this means we need to de-emphasize global, but lets see where it goes)

We also like from the fuelyourcreativity site:

eden (the small visual with the word);

kotton designshirts (like the little cotton buds on the branch and how its tied in on the word kotton);

deco kinany (again, like the visual element);

chandler design (like how they brought the 2 letters together);

blue giraffe (too playful to us, but we really like the concept maybe something similar with the continents on the globe to represent the global?)

bistro 1689 (like the wine thats not in the glass, but you know what it is, and how it brings the colors together with the wine and the bar with the number)

Colors typically professional colors are blue and green and that probably makes sense for our logo given our name but were open to other combinations and would like to see something other than the standard royal blue and Kelly green (again, not overly funky).


Our name should appear as Amplify Global. We do NOT want LLC as part

of our logo.

We are fun, internationally-savvy, driven, dynamic and professional

our logo needs to be professional but not boring, have motion or

another element of creativity but not so wacky that it detracts from

the professionalism.

Weve do not want a logo that is merely playing around with fonts and

sizes. Anything that we could have designed ourselves is a no-go.

Again, nothing too funky but dont be boring either. It needs to

have personality we like to think that were fun and interesting to

work with and we want our logo to reflect that.



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