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The thesis of my site is:

Coming [to Paris] has been a wonderful experience, surprising in many respects, one of them being to find how much of an American I am. -Augustus Saint-Gaudens
Ive thought often about this quote since moving to Paris three years ago. For the most part Ive been seduced by the history, art, food, fashion and language of my new country. Ive embraced French culture through reading classic literature, examining its architecture, visiting historical sites, incorporating all sorts of new fruits and vegetables into my culinary rpertoireand attending as many French-themed art exhibitions as possible. Yet, recently after attending a Paul Taylor Company performance and a Flea Market by Rob Pruitt at la Monnaie de Paris, I felt a renewed connection and sense of pride in being American.
The diversity, innovation and radical nature of the work presented by these modern and contemporary American artists felt fresh and exciting. Here I was in the former cultural capital of the world experiencing influential art that is irrefutably American. When I left each show I wanted to tell the visitors and audience members that I too am American! How wonderful to be part of a culture with such courage and creativity!
Historically American artists came to Paris for inspiration until New York stole the title of worlds art capital in the late 1940's. In today's globalized art world of international fairs, museums and galleries, the US and France remain important chapters in art history and continue a dynamic dialogue between each other. American artists in particular figure prominently and continue to influence and ignite debate, and the French respond.
American Artists Abroad will present the artistic American ambassadors who exhibit their work in Paris. How is contemporary American art received here? What American artists are appreciated, and why? What is it that is appealing about an artist on a global level? These are the questions that will be tackled, or rather these are the conversations that will be encouraged.
The purpose of my blog is to showcase American art exhibitions and performances in Paris. When possible I will provide local and international press to survey public reaction. If you are in Paris and experience the art yourself, feel free to share your opinions. Otherwise I hope this website can be used as a lens through which you can see the Americans who share their ideas with the city that offered a starting point for all of Modern art.
Please note: I will soon add other international cities and report on their American art scene. Send me an email if you have any ideas of where you would like me to start!



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