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Professional consulting for universities looking to grow their enrollments or improve their operations, and also working with companies who partner with or sell into higher education.


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Alloy Solutions Group

Top 3 Things

The logo should reflect some combination of our partnership approach with clients to help them develop strategic growth plans that include a strong foundation and innovative solutions. Our work is customized for each clients and since we are not associated with any particular company or university we are completely objective.


winning logo should reflect some combination of the "things we want to communicate". Logo and text should be easily separated (i.e. it can exist as a square design, and rectangular / horizontal, and the logo can stand alone - examples attached). It should not have any education specific iconography (i.e. graduation caps, etc). For colors, we do not want anything based in brown, purple, or pink but we are open to all other ideas.

Additional Info

Examples of the logo flexibility (square, horizontal, separable) mentioned in "vision" secion include adaptiveconsulting.co (that I had created through crowdspring), signalvine.com, collegeboard.org, pearson.com, general assembly. IMPT NOTE: only use these as examples of layout flexiblity. We definitely do NOT necessarily like any of them besides the layout flexiblity.
For more direction on the service we provide and potenial competitor, please review the website copy at kennedyandcompany.com. NOTE: only use this site to better understand our positioning and services, and not as the basis of a logo design.
Although we are particular about the logo flexibility and NOT wanting to use a few colors as the basis for the logo, we do not want to be prescriptive beyond those two items. We are open to all creative concepts.



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