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Alberta Orienteering Association

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Title: Logo for an association in the best sport in the world - orienteering
Who are you?

We are the Alberta Orienteering Association, a non-profit, volunteer-led association that supports and fosters the development of the sport of orienteering in Alberta, Canada. Orienteering is a competitive sport that requires speed, endurance, and mental focus. Our association has existed for 35 years although the sport of orienteering has existed for over a hundred.

Orienteering is just you the runner, a map, a compass, and your brain, trying to find the fastest way through the silent woods and fields to locate each control (marked by an orange and white flag).

What are the top 3 things you would like to communicate through your logo?

What do you need?

We want a logo that will be used on our website (http://www.orienteeringalberta.ca), on banners, letterhead, promotional flyers, and running gear/wear.

We want to convey the message of outdoor adventure, fun for all ages. We have races for elite runners, master runners, children, and recreational levels.

Who is your audience?

Most of our audience consists of men and women, mostly middle-aged, who are adventurous, smart, athletic, and enjoy the outdoors. Our core audience is very passionate about the sport, often traveling the world to compete, but we also have a large group who simply enjoy orienteering as a chance to get outdoors and have a safe adventure in the forest. We have had participants from ages five to ninety-five.

We would like to increase the participation of children, teens, and especially 25 to 40 year olds who are into fitness, the outdoors, and passionate about the activities they do. We are trying to compete with all the other activities that people have available to occupy their spare time.

We want to update our image. The current logo is old and static (see website). We want to be seen as a modern, vibrant organization that promotes this fantastic sport of orienteering, but also uniquely identifies us amongst the hundreds of other orienteering clubs that are out there.

What logo styles do you like (image + text, image only, text only, etc.)

We like these designs:

We would like dynamic, clean flowing lines, that ideally portray the outdoor nature of the sport, but also if possible the athleticism and intelligence needed for this sport, and is recognizably orienteering. We are not tied to any colours but a simpler palette would be better (to reduce costs for example, when creating running gear/wear).

We like the Canadian logo (http://www.orienteering.ca/): recognizably Canadian, artistically incorporates the orienteering-related element of the compass. However, it is almost too crowded.

We like the British orienteering logo (http://www.britishorienteering.org.uk/ ) because it is simple, depicts motion, incorporates the orienteering elements, and the words indicate the organization.

We like the Australian orienteering logo (http://www.orienteering.asn.au/) because it is fun, recognizably Australian, and has the orienteering element of the square that is half white, half orange on the diagonal.

The Norwegian design is good in its simplicity (http://www.orientering.no/) of a compass needle on a tree branch.

We like the Swedish design (http://www.orientering.se/) because it is fun, dynamic, clever, and portrays the idea of orienteering by the stylized figure of the runner holding a map, and they turned the O in orienteering into a compass.

Our design absolutely must have:
It must indicate the sport of orienteering somehow. Often this is done by incorporating elements of a compass or the representation of an orienteering flag (what the competitor is looking for in the forest) which is a square, half white, half orange, split on the diagonal, or the representation of a runner holding a map. Feel free to use whatever elements you want, or invent your own.

We are not tied to any colours or fonts, but we prefer clean lines, modern fonts.
Somehow it must also portray Alberta, but this is where even we Albertans have a problem as we are not sure what would be emblematic of Alberta. We are known for our mountains, forests, open prairie, big cities, dinosaur bones, etc. but nothing that is uniquely us. Help! Here is a site that links to all the official Alberta emblems http://culture.alberta.ca/about/emblems/... .

But, perhaps just the words Alberta Orienteering would be sufficient as the logo should also either have the words Alberta Orienteering in it or one can add the words to the logo when it is used as letterhead or the masthead on our website.

Things we dont like or don't need for this project or other things to avoid using, doing, seeing, etc.

Avoid complex, too busy or rigid designs. The following (and our current logo) are some logos that do not appeal to us, as they are not dynamic or they are old fashioned or do not grab ones attention.



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