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We are Raising Jeremiah.org, a grassroots organization providing humanitarian relief in West Africa. Our name originated as the result of an adoption of an orphan in Liberia, West Africa named Jeremiah by a family in the US. This family inspired the start of the movement with the idea that after moving Jeremiah from the remote village where he lived and lost his birth family, they would never forget what/who he left behind. The family started a campaign to not only "raise" Jeremiah but to also "raise" his whole village as well. The campaign has now spread through West Africa with wells, latrines, schools, and clinics built and microloans being given to women for agriculture endeavors. We have also recently initiated a program aimed at rehabilitating the child soldiers who were engaged in Liberia's 14-year civil war (think Blood Diamond) Currently, Liberia ranks as the 3rd most impoverished country on the planet with the world's highest maternal mortality rate. West Africa has over 1 million orphans and an average life expectancy of 40. Our goal is to change that!!!


We really need a logo that represents the plight AND the hope of Africans. We wish for a logo that captures the identity of the African culture as well as embodying it's great need without looking exploitive. We realize that it is difficult to represent all of the programs we are involved with and know that the result would most likely look confusing to the viewer. Instead, we would like to create an iconic logo that is compelling to the viewer and gives an idea of what we represent with a glance. The logo will be used on our website, business cards and promotional items (shirts, hats, bags, etc) The logo will become the defining and constant image of our organization.


Our core audience is individuals ages 16-45. They are forward-thinking, creative, cool, and generous persons who really want to become personally involved in raising and healing Africa. Our two main goals are raising awareness and funding. Much of our funding is raised by entertainers, particularly musicians. This logo will be the first image that is seen by their fans after being driven to our website. It will also be featured as a link from their websites to ours, so we hope it will be compelling to their fan base too (ages 16-40...we know that's a spread :) We want to give the impression that while Africa is challenged by poverty and disease, the people are still hopeful and desirous of participating in their own recovery. We are a VERY upbeat organization that recognizes the overwhelming situation West Africa faces but also knows first hand that there is A LOT of hope and wellness that is generated by giving. It is amazing how far a dollar can go!! We would like to convey the impression that we are stable and trustworthy with a great track record of success in the above-mentioned projects. We would like the logo to look professionally created and somewhat mature (not just catering to teenagers)but not too "corporate". Because our name does not obviously indicate African relief when you read it, the image will have to speak loudly and clearly.


Invisible Children's logo is nice. It looks contemporary, but perhaps a bit "dark and edgy" for us. We do like the black and white theme. Also, the ONE campaign. Simple, and makes you want to know what "ONE" means. Ellie's Run for Africa has a creative and "happy,fun" logo. Their t-shirt with the little black figure and the birds is great. There are a number of African relief organizations using the image of the African continent. We like that idea too, but maybe with a new twist. Ellie's Run for Africa did a good job with that...not the same old thang!


Our name is Raising Jeremiah. RaisingJeremiah.org can also be incorporated as the logo. We like the idea of "imperfect font" sort of jagged around the edges. We would like to consider black, white and red as our signature colors, but are by NO means stuck on those colors at all. We are NOT artistic geniuses...that we are leaving up to you :) By the way, thank you for getting involved in this with us. We deeply appreciate your time and talent...so does Africa.



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