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Creative Brief

Who are you?

ADSI (American Defense Systems, Inc.) is an engineering firm that specializes in protection solutions for military, government and architectural clients. As a world leader in the design, fabrication, and installation of transparent and opaque armor, security doors, windows and curtain wall systems, American Defense Systems, Inc. transforms the architects and engineer's designs into innovative, functional and aesthetically pleasing security applications for the physical security industry.

What do you need?

We currently have an established logo which needs a boost of refreshment / visual upgrading.

Our current logo is from the early 2000's, we need something more refined 2010 feeling.

What we are interested in exploring is new treatments for the logo, including a color palette, a way of typesetting "American Defense Systems, Inc." along side or underneath "ADSI", and a logo treatment that translates nicely into a simple 1 or 2 color version as well. The letterforms themselves should stay fundamentally the same, but feel free to incorporate them into something new, such as a shield or something strong that denotes protection.

With regard to color:

1. Shades of blue are the safest and least likely to be objectionable to anyone (see: Boeing, Applied Signal Technology)

2. Red (see: Raytheon) feels urgent and strong, which could work very well for us

3. Orange/Yellow and black is a possibility, but might be too loud for our purposes.

4. Silver/Monochrome would be great, but can we jazz it up with a strong spot color somewhere within the design?

5. Shades of brown (see: UPS) are also an option, but not particularly common in this sector of the corporate world.

Beyond that, we're open to seeing other ideas, but the aforementioned colors are probably safest to use.

Who Is Your Audience?

Our audience is broad, and thus, the logo needs to be clean and dignified enough to speak to all potential clients.

Our primary audience is in the military and government sector, and so the logo must remain simple and dignified (Raytheon, Boeing).

It should convey technologically-minded strength and be highly legible to older people.

The other main part of the audience is architectural community, for whom the logo should appear smart and cutting edge..


We Like These Examples

Caterpillar, JCB, DirecTV, Apple, UPS

We Absolutely Must Have

1. A logo treatment in which includes the existing "ADSI" letters.

2. "American Defense Systems, Inc." typeset either beneath or on the right side the ADSI letters

3. A flat 1 or 2 color version of the logo AND a rich color/detailed logo with colors and visual appeal



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