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A newsletter called **THE 77% WEEKLY** is sent out every Monday of the year, except for the last of each month.

(Issues, therefore, are sent 40/52 weeks a year thus 77%.)

And, there is a point to that. 77% is a passing grade. The 77% Weekly is a spiritual-religious newsletter non-particular with regard to religious belief which tries to remind people that life is PASS/fail... That we all neednt try so hard all the time.

The logo needs to fit comfortably with the look/feel of the Religion-Outside-The-Box website.


Design notes:

- I like Caslon as a typeface. (And Palatino and, when need be, Georgia.)

- The design can either say, The 77% Weekly or The 77% Weekly Newsletter

Here are some samples of the newsletter: http://www.rotb.org/_4_z_2_z_2_rotbnewsl...

Thank you.



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