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Award 1: $400, was awarded to Orbis

Award 2: $400, was awarded to ANV




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Creative brief


The logo is for my new company, Altimeter Group. The goal of the company is to provide thought leadership on social and emerging technologies. I am a former Forrester analyst and the co-author of a bestseller book, “Groundswell”. But I do not want the logo to reflect the book as I do not own the copyright to ANY part of the book (not the cover, artwork, text, graphics, etc.) Rather, I’d like the logo to reflect the future path I am carving with Altimeter Group.

My goal is to help leaders and their companies understand how to deal with and thrive with social and emerging technologies. The unique way that I add value is understanding these new technologies and how people use them -- I'm an active user of these new technologies and also actively seek out new ways that technologies impact people. But I've also always kept a foot in the business world, so am able to understand and interpret how companies are and will be impacted by the adoption of these new technologies.

I often describe what I do as traveling to a different world, understand how it works, and return back to bring others to it. Words like shaman, sherpa, and guide, are often used to describe what I do.

Why the name Altimeter? It’s an instrument used to tell you your altitude. I give a "reading", so to speak, on where emerging technologies are heading. I can do this at a high level, but can also come down and provide a detailed view of how individuals and companies are being impacted. In addition, the gauge/instrument aspect is that I provide a consistent, hype-resistant view into the world, objective, reliable, and trustworthy. This last point is important to stress. The logo has to invoke trust and integrity, but also clarity and simplicity.


I need a logo that I can use as the basis for a Web site design. It will also be the foundation for a PowerPoint presentation template, business card, as well as formatted, formal reports that I will publish in PDF in the future. The logo needs to work in both color as well as in black and white.


There are several audiences, and they all have the same goal of tapping into my thought leadership on social and emerging technologies. But they do it for different reasons, namely:
- Fortune 1000 companies. These are strategy and marketing professionals, sometimes executives. They want to use the ideas I have to be more competitive and just as important, to avoid pitfalls.
- Press. They will call me frequently to get quotes on news events like mergers, product announcements, and funding.
- Start ups. They want to brief me on their businesses, so that I will say good things about them to clients or write about them on my blog.
- Individuals. They want to contact me for introductions, connections, advice, and in general, to network with me.

Most people know my name and have come to rely on my judgment and insight. But they don’t know my new brand. many new people do a search on my name and then link over to my site where they see the brand for the first time.


My desire is that the logo be simple in both design, typeface, and colors, but not so simple that it’s just typography. I’m repeatedly drawn to logos with transparency. ’ve included a Word doc with examples and detailed explanations. Of course, I love the Apple logo! Simple, 3D, transparent.

The current design at is a basic Typepad template, which I chose because of the simple, graphical treatment with the squares, and the color scheme because it didn’t clash with the book cover. Another example is at


The logo must have the word “Altimeter” in it, but not necessarily “Group”. There are times when I use just the word Altimeter, such as “The Altimeter” when I’m describing the blog, or “The Altimeter Wiki” (which is at The logo needs to be flexible enough to stretch across multiple purposes, sites, and uses.

On my business card, I’ll have my logo, the words “Altimeter Group”, and my contact information. The logo thus can be just “Altimeter” or “Altimeter Group”. My concern with having “Group” included is that it can clutter the logo unnecessarily, and also that it limits the logos use when I use the Altimeter brand by itself.