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    vegan chicago • by swadesign

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Starts:5-Oct-08 9:02 p.m. GMT

Ends:19-Oct-08 9:02 p.m. GMT


Award 1: $300, was awarded to swadesign




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Uploaded on 5-Oct-08 9:10 p.m. GMT

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Uploaded on 5-Oct-08 9:10 p.m. GMT

Creative brief

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Let me tell you about us:
We are a volunteer group that strives to create a support network for people exploring veganism in Chicago. We provide web resources and do monthly dine-out events through meetup.com. You can see our website at veganchicago.com (keep in mind the design there is strictly placeholder)

Here is what we need:
We need a logo that will be used on fliers, business cards, nametags and swag such as: tshirts, shopping bags, and buttons.

Our target audience is:
People who are vegan and looking for support, people who would like to be vegan but are unsure how to start and people who have no idea what veganism is. So, everybody! We have a diverse group and would like something that is accessible to all age ranges. We're trying to bring veganism mainstream.

Our design absolutely must have:
It must say "Vegan Chicago" with maybe a ".com" in there. Something that maybe accentuates our locale of Chicago. No preference on colors so far but it should work in black and white if colors are used. At some point if we do tshirts we will would probably prefer black shirts. Something that works on both black and white backgrounds in small (buttons) and large (poster) formats with a preferred medium (grocery bag) format.

Things we don’t like or don't need for this project or other things to avoid using, doing, seeing, etc:
We would like to avoid any designs that are typical to other vegan logos and/or focused on the rebellious/elite/pretentious aspects of an alternative perspective that can be associated with veganism.
No distressed punk rock type ("OMG GO VEGAN OR DIE~1!!!").
No reference to food or diet (no forks, plants leaves etc).
No "V"'s or pawprints.

Files included:
Chicago flag - Incorporating elements from the Chicago flag might be nice to way to bring local elements into the logo.

Stockyard relief - Chicago is known for it's stockyards so flipping the script on this reputation feels poetic. This is a picture of the relief on the gate to the chicago stockyards.

Brief updates

By dandelion on 8-Oct-08 3:59 a.m. GMT
What about using animal imagery sorta like vets do with dogs and cats but with vegan chicago it might be cow, pig, chicken duck etc...
By dandelion on 14-Oct-08 3:20 a.m. GMT
Please, no more skyline designs. Thanks.
By dandelion on 18-Oct-08 6:20 p.m. GMT
Please, no more stars!