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Starts: 19-May-14 10:15 p.m. GMT

Ends: 9-Jun-14 11:59 p.m. GMT


Award 1: $1000, was awarded to Stefano...

Award 2: $250, was awarded to Eternity

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We are looking for something modern, with high contrast, and solid color(s). A light, vibrant blue comes to mind as a soothing/modern/technical color.

Our logo should be clean and usable with a variety of backgrounds, black and white background variations at a minimum.

We will additionally be looking for future product logos that tie in with this logo.

Update 20-May-14 GMT

One thing we've been considering is updating the play symbol to a fast forward, as it's an evolution of the brand, as well as it speaks of speed while being recognizable.

We'd like to focus on tablets or phones rather than desktop images, as we're looking to the future.
Update 20-May-14 GMT
CoreCodec should be one word, not two.
Update 20-May-14 GMT

I'd recommend against all caps in most every case. All caps is harder to read, and often harsh on the eyes. Either caps on the first letter, or all lower case.

The logo has to show up well on multiple backgrounds of different colors, this would be good to include in your submission.

Also, it is very important that even at icon size, 72x72, it shows up very cleanly. Would recommend including a 72x72 version in your submission.
Update 21-May-14 GMT

You don't need to focus on the C of CoreCodec.

I see lots of people chasing a C based design that isn't really going anywhere. Something more visually appealing than a letter could make a much better basis.

We're doing codecs, which means if you watch videos on your computer, tablet, phone, or through video streaming services, you've likely used our software. Feel free to go past the simple and safe play/fast forward to come up with your ideas. We touch so many parts of the internet, that the options are nearly limitless. One way to think about it is that we allow your phone to play a video. A logo that focuses on the appearance of video on a phone would have a lot of meaning, because of that. There are many, many other options, that's just one idea.
Update 22-May-14 GMT

Just increased the award to 1000$ for all the great work we've been getting!

Also have the second 250$ award for the runner up!
Update 22-May-14 GMT
We would be interested in adding a splash of color to contrast with the blue.
Update 23-May-14 GMT

There have been hundreds of designs based on the play button and C. It might get you a better score to go off the beaten path.
Update 28-May-14 GMT

Going to reiterate: A C is not necessarily a wise design direction.

If you look at the examples of good design, you'll see none of that. Apple's logo doesn't have a big A. Nike's logo isn't a big N. Android's logo isn't an A either.
Update 30-May-14 GMT

When I see a design, I have to ask what does it mean?

Apple's slogan referred to a story about Newton and the Apple. The bite lead into the 'byte into an Apple' slogan.

Nike is about the deity of strength, speed, victory. Perfect for sporting shoes.

If it's just a collection of shapes, it's hard to be the face of a corporation.
Update 30-May-14 GMT

When going for a color, make sure it's vibrant and good for the future. Blue, orange and a bright green work great for this.

Watch out for sickly green though, it makes the look fall flat.

Try a green more like the piping and hybrid on this:
Update 30-May-14 GMT
We need more time to get these out to focus groups for evaluation.
Update 30-May-14 GMT

This is sickly green:

This is neon yellow that's greenish:

The logo looking like it's ill is a bad thing.
Update 5-Jun-14 GMT

I've seen some great greens, but watch out for how they work on white.

Bright green/yellow is a wonderful, modern color, but it's not usually one that can be read against white as text. It's best surrounded by a darker color for contrast. Contrast really helps with eye strain, which is what we're trying to avoid with our 'easy to read/on the eyes' direction for the logo.