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Starts: 2-Apr-14 7:42 p.m. GMT

Ends: 25-Apr-14 11:59 p.m. GMT


Award 1: $1469, was awarded to Alexand...

Award 2: $500, was awarded to Alexand...

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Hi all. The Hub will be a 3 acre shopping, dining and entertainment venue located in an exclusive beach destination. The destination is near Alys Beach, Rosemary Beach and Watersound Beach http:/ The project will have a large concert and movie pavilion, an event lawn, great restaurants, ice cream shop etc... and shopping. It's like a mini-lifestyle center all centered around the lawn and pavilion. The Hub of course is an activity center - and that's what we want to convey. We want the project to be refined yet cool. Something you could "drop into Malibu" and it would fit. This logo will also need to be something which can go on logo wear - hats "Hub Cap", tshirts "I Hub U" etc... where The Hub becomes ICONIC. The words "THE HUB" are primary "30A" (which is the location is secondary but must be in the logo also in some way. We may develop another Hub - so the next one would be "THE HUB" then "Malibu". Good luck! Your logo will be seen by millions ... This is a link to the general area.... but don't constrain yourself with the feel of this website.

Update 3-Apr-14 GMT
First - ALOT of great, professional work. Thank you. Can you please work toward a more sophisticated, "less fun" direction. Think Hermes as a brand - not necessarily the actual logo though... a bit less fanciful with less circles and primary colors.???? All "Hub" images you see on Google are all circles networked etc... - which not saying don't use them - just try to be "unexpected" and original. Also, the project will have a refined silver/grey barnwood as the exterior finish on the buildings. We may use accent lighting within perforated aluminum columns (think non-cheesy mix of South Beach and Malibu). Those colors might be Aqua, Tangerine, Granny apple green etc... Again don't take that literally to imply you have to use those colors - just adding ideas to the concept so you know what the direction of the project is. Thanks very much. Again - think this needs to be iconic, special - something that people remember and want to wear on a tshirt or sticker on their car or hat as well as VERY important on the entry monument to the project which will also be a series of perforated aluminum columns with a lexan internally lit box with this logo "glowing"
Update 4-Apr-14 GMT
Hi everybody, thanks again for the continued work. I really don't like this scoring process because almost everybody is producing cool designs. When they don't match what we are looking for, it doesn't mean they aren't good - so I don't like scoring it that way - I just want to make sure everybody knows we haven't gotten to what we want yet. Please read the project description brief and update. Thanks again for the effort. This project is incredibly important to us. 7 million tourists visit our area everywhere and this will be an activity center - and we want people to remember their vacation experience at The Hub for the rest of their lives as many people do when they visit the 30A area. Hence the desire to create something iconic. We are increasing the award now also.
Update 6-Apr-14 GMT
Please know we are thoroughly reviewing all entries. We've taken a break from scoring as all these ideas develop. Doing our best to update regularly in the middle of other work. We really appreciate all the effort. Remember that we are looking for a clean/refined/ICONIC memorable "mark". We want to have the logo "burned" in the memory of people who visit The Hub, see an ad, wear a tshirt etc... we are truly going to creating a brand with this. Again, thank you for your work.
Update 8-Apr-14 GMT
Hi All! We were in meetings all day today. We will be working on reviewing and scoring over the next two days. Thank you for all your work. We ARE looking at every entry thoroughly and this is an incredibly important project for us. We recognize the effort it takes to do these designs and appreciate it very much. We'll start looking at everything again during the evening and hope to get feedback going shortly.

Thank you.
Update 14-Apr-14 GMT
Hi all, there's 9 hours left... Please don't hesitate to show us any last minute great ideas or final refined entries of your current ideas. We are reviewing every single entry. Thank you!
Update 22-Apr-14 GMT
we are extending this 3 days.