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Starts: 7-Feb-14 4:28 p.m. GMT

Ends: 15-Feb-14 11:59 p.m. GMT


Award 1: $399, was awarded to GraySou...

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We are looking for a logo to accompany our new company name.<br /><br />As an IT service provider, we worked hard to create a name that helps us differentiate from the rest of the typical IT or Tech firm names like 'InfoTech' or 'NetSys' while still remaining relevant to our industry.<br /><br />We would now like to see our name come to life through a logo. Our challenge surrounds our inability to determine if we want the IT in our name to stand out, or if we want to downplay it a little bit. Ultimately, we won't know until we see it.<br /><br />Our name and concept grew from our positioning that we provide relevant, reliable and relationship based IT services that provide relief to our clients. However, we don't actually fit the mold of a typical IT company as most people think of this in terms of setting up servers and infrastructure. Instead we focus on the issues that IT can solve such as Compliance, Communication and Audit Trails. For this reason, we think that we may want a version of the logo that downplays the IT in the name. At the same time, we realize that most people searching for our company online will be searching on IT based terms which is why we also need to respect that and we would like to see a version where the IT is made prominent in the logo. And there lies our challenge to you! We won't know what is the right solution until we see it (creatives showing both treatments are not necessary but will be given priority).

Update 8-Feb-14 GMT
Please be sure to read our brief as it outlines a few very important requests that need to be satisfied by the winning design.

1. Icon + text
2. Icon must be able to be pulled away from the name and still represent the name. Making 'IT' the icon is too generic when pulled away from the name to be able to stand on it's own.
3. We want to see a treatment where the IT is prominent in the name, and one where the IT is minimized (please read the brief to understand why this is necessary)

I would like to provide direction on the colours that are used in our new brand and should be used in the logo.

Primary Colours - these colours are the major colours used in our upcoming website launch.
- Ocean Blue [R:51 G:153 B:255] - primary brand colour
- Ice Grey [R:204 G: 204 B:204] - used for shadows, borders and neutral text
- Paper White [R:255 G:255 B:255] - used for background

Secondary Tones - these are accent colours used for buttons, hover effects, highlights etc. and are used much less than our primary brand colour Ocean Blue. They are meant to provide splashes of colour for energy and vibrancy as our main brand colours are very neutral
- PayPal Orange [R:255 G:150 B:35]
- Lime Green [R:102 G:255 B:51]

We have also increased the award of the job by $100.

Thanks and good luck everyone!
Update 9-Feb-14 GMT
Please also note that we prefer to avoid thick and blocky text.

When it comes to text style...think Apple. We want something that is thin weight, classy and has personality.

We also prefer styles that have a finish to them (serif).

The font used here is a perfect example of why we need a font that has a 'serif' style finish. Look how our name looks when the font doesn't have a serif style finish - RelItive. You can't tell the difference between the l(L) & I(i). This will cause a lot of confusion and must be avoided at all costs.

Of course, it also needs to be a web based font so it can work everywhere, online and off.
Update 11-Feb-14 GMT
Thank you everyone for participating so far.

Just a quick update. We are seeing a lot of designs all using the same treatment for IT in the name (highlighting it using a different colour).

While we like this, we would like to see other creative options as well. This is not the only way to make IT stand out. The highest credit will be given to those who submitted that treatment earlier on.

Also, we would like to see more options where the IT is downplayed. We've only seen a handful of these so far.

We left the design contest public hoping it would help designers see what already existed and therefore try something different. Instead we are seeing a lot of similar treatments and styles.

We have a few great designs to choose from, but still haven't seen that home run yet. There are leading designers, but it's still anyone's contest. Try to be different, push the boundaries, be creative.

Also, please pay attention to the brief and subsequent updates to make sure you have what you need to get started on the best foot.

Thanks everyone!
Update 13-Feb-14 GMT
Due to the fact that I was unavailable to provide feedback the past two days, I am extending this contest by 48 hours to respect the time of the designers would recently submitted designs so they too can have a round of feedback.