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Starts: 21-Nov-13 12:03 a.m. GMT

Ends: 4-Dec-13 11:59 p.m. GMT


Award 1: $400, was awarded to fiki

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A technology company that has been growing steadily for years is now seeing an immense surge of new client demand, in North America and increasingly around the globe. We provide solutions for some of the world's most respected brands, and need a logo that conveys permanence, trustworthiness, and gravity.

Update 21-Nov-13 GMT
Two notes:

1) After seeing some designs tinkering with it, i'm pretty confident we want to move away from our company's existing "running man" icon. We are not even convinced that an icon is needed at all. But certainly, if so, it would be a departure from the current.

2) We are expanding in multiple countries, so would like a logo that is "safe", versatile, and straightforward to produce. Consideration for this include: making the design less wide (our current logo has an icon beside the text, which is a lot of horizontal space); making the logo fewer colors (screens may be a good way of getting visual "pop" instead), and keeping the colors fairly professional/conventional. Not hard and fast rules, just some ideas.

Keep them coming!
Update 22-Nov-13 GMT
Two ideas for new entries:

1) We have seen a lot of entries with separate graphical icons, and would love to see a few treatments that are "text only" logos, or that simply add a some sort of font customization (somewhat like ACE hardware) or incorporate an "accent" that extends from or is built within the text logo (like Amazon)

2) Take a look at our resources section, and you'll see a URL to consider for color palette ideas. We'd like to move away from our existing color palette. Simpler is probably better because we want to make it easy to reproduce from any number of offices and have it all come out the same.
Update 25-Nov-13 GMT
Creatives: please do not use gradients in your logo designs. We print our logo on a variety of materials, and gradients can be difficult to reproduce. PMS colors are preferred.
Update 27-Nov-13 GMT
Hi All,

We have received a great range of designs and some of them have a lot of potential! We haven't settled yet on one design, and since there are four of us reviewing the list we need more time to see some variations before selecting the best one.

Thanks for your flexibility and patience with us. Keep the concepts coming!
Update 11-Dec-13 GMT
We have great entries and just need to secure approvals from our executive team, which may take a few weeks because of their schedules this time of year. Thanks for the fantastic designs and for your flexibility and patience!