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Starts: 25-Oct-13 9:02 p.m. GMT

Ends: 24-Nov-13 9:02 p.m. GMT


Award 1: $1000, was awarded to goodfat...

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Scanpack is the largest packaging fair in northern Europe. it started in 1964 and need an update. Scanpack covers everything from raw materials to ready made products and design. The exhibition attracts exhibitors and visitors from about 30 countries. The next exhibition will take place 20 - 23 Oct 2015. The key words are: Scanpack, packaging, business, connections, quality, joy, ROI atmosphere,

Update 26-Oct-13 GMT
Hi, If you look at you can see the old logo. It has been looking like that for decades and it's time for an update. I' not sure whether a complete change or a change where you still recognize the brand is the best. To add or change colour is optional also if you like to add a symbol.
Thank you for contrbuting to this project!
Update 26-Oct-13 GMT
Take a look at there you can get a hint about what the exhibition is. both heavy industry as well as package design, decor etc. Our visitors are mainly from food/drink, retail and pharma companies. It's ok to use other colours than just red, We are going to change the website according to the logo so don't get stuck i your creatiity because of how the web site looks... Modern, fresh, business but not boring are words that would apply. Hope this can help you in the process.

Scanpack team
Update 2-Nov-13 GMT
We are looking at so many great entries and here are some pointers from us.
Yes, it's a packaging fair and that includes, raw materials, machines, print, ready made products and design. Traditionally it has been a "heavy" industrial fair" but we are striving to add more soft values as for example the design element which is more and more important in the business. The visitors come mainly from the food, drink, retail and pharmaceutical business. The red colour is optional.

Good luck!!
Update 3-Nov-13 GMT
Keep it clean, fresh, uncomplicated, up-dated, easy to read....
Update 8-Nov-13 GMT
Hi, we notice that most of you are very focused on boxes. This feel a bit obvious although some of the suggestions are very nice. Think modern, light, a flow, we work with foods, pharmacy, desigers, groceries, brand owners as main target groups among visitors and material suppliers, machines, print and labels as primary exhibitng companies. Environment and joy are importantfactors. Maybe this add some help.
Good luck, still plenty of days until dead-line.

Kind regards

Update 22-Nov-13 GMT
Soory everyone fo not scoring the last days. Since there are so many entries I have to leave batch feed back or batch scores for most entries. Unfortunately there is spme problems with this functiion and crowdspring has'nt been able to solve this so far. If it doesn' get resolved by tomorrow I will at least score the ones that we are thinking about personally.
Sorry for this inconvenience, I know that the scoring is important for you.
Best regards