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Starts: 7-Jul-13 12:41 a.m. GMT

Ends: 27-Jul-13 11:59 p.m. GMT


Award 1: $500, was awarded to dei_remus

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Forensic nurses work at the intersection of nursing, public health, forensic science and the law. They provide forensic medical services to patients (both living and deceased) who may be victims, secondary victims, suspects or perpetrators of all types of violence, intentional and accidental injury, and mass disaster including natural and man made disasters. The Center for Forensic Nursing Excellence (CFNE) models the highest standards of practice and will be a go to resource for forensic nursing education, research, ethics, direct patient services and consultations for forensic nurses nationally and internationally.

Update 7-Jul-13 GMT
When asked what three things we want to convey in our logo, we entered Medical, Forensic and Legal as these plus Public Health serve as the intersection for forensic nursing practice. However, we are afraid that this may be interpreted too literally (e.g. cross, laurel wreath, finger print, magnifying glass). We want your creative insights whether that means creating a graphic out of the CFNE acronym or a logo separate from the CFNE are the artistic and graphic experts!

We would like to share a little more about CFNE to help with this process. The core values behind the company are:

• Respect for persons
• Moral courage
• Integrity (personal, professional and organizational)
• Collaboration (intra-professional, inter-professional and community)
• Accountability (personal, professional and organizational)

This logo development process means a lot to us. We are committed to this process and will give you the most honest feedback possible. The winning logo entry is how we will be represented and we want to make an impact with it that is memorable. Sometime simplistic is better, sometimes not...we don't know on that part and that is why we are here depending on all of you!

Here are a few general thoughts after viewing the first round of entries:

--- We are not big fans of the color red as a primary color of the logo (if you feel it works well as an accent, we are very open to that).

--- The laurel wreath does not seem to work for us either. It is a neat idea but when used around more graphic, it just does not seem to have a clean professional impact.

--- We understand that a "graphic" can be created from the letters (CFNE), however, it needs to be unique. Everyday word art variation of the acronym does not work. Again, we understand the impact color, accents and creativity can have and don't want to limit you here, but please give us more than word art type font and a line separating the acronym from the company name. If you go this route, we need the acronym to be unique and memorable where it can stand on its own if needed.

--- As far color, we want to see what you come up with so that we are exposed to more than what we are normally drawn to.

We looking forward to working with all of you!!!
Update 12-Jul-13 GMT
Hi folks,

Please keep sending us your creative ideas!

A little about what is not working so far:
Many of the entries have been too literal an interpretation of the work we do. Some have felt too harsh or cold. The tech feel is not a good match either. Not big fans of the more formal fonts.

A little about what is working:
Creative interpretations with good balance between the graphic and the lettering. We are finding that we like the blues and greens together (yet still open to other colors too!).

A few additional thoughts:
We want to be professional and unique yet not stuffy or cold. Abstract and whimsical can be a good thing as long as it is professional in look and feel.

We want to see your ideas as we are looking for that branding that will last! We have not yet found "the one" but we know we will because we have used crowdspring in the past with another company we are affiliated with.

Good luck!
Update 16-Jul-13 GMT
Hi everyone! Thank you for your ideas and submissions. We are still looking for a few more creatives to submit unique and interesting ideas. Our goal is to have a few logos with 4s and 5s to share with the entire team when it comes time to make the final decision for a winning entry.

Here are a few more things you have taught us about our likes/dislikes:

-- We are big fans of softer lines/curves rather than hard sharp angles.

-- The blues and green combinations have a very professional, clean, crisp look to them.

-- If you can't fit the all three items (graphic, CFNE and Center for Forensic Nursing Excellence) into the logo that is okay as long as we have a two of the three. Preferably a graphic and Center for Forensic Nursing Excellence.

-- We are more drawn to a horizontal layout over the vertical layouts.

-- Please look at ways to make the logo have that little extra something through a small accent of color, shadowing, shading, use of color in general - make it stand out and catch people's attention.

-- We seem to be consistently drawn to 3 lines for the company name over the 1 and 2 line versions.

-- Please don't be afraid to give us a really cool design without a rationale of what it might mean. Something creative and abstract will open the doors for us to interpret and apply meaning if the logo has the "right fit" for us.

-- Please do not submit any more symbols like targets with an arrow in the center, syringes, scales, or people.

CFNE serves as a change agent in forensic nursing and models positive growth across the profession. We expect to be at the cutting edge and delivering services at the highest and most effective standards as possible - educational workshops and publications, clinical services, research, and more. The winning entry will be the foundation of our branding process across our new website, stationary and other digital and print print media.

As mentioned above, we want to have a few "love it" quality logos to consider. Therefore, we are extending the end of the project by one week. We look forward to your ideas!!!
Update 17-Jul-13 GMT
We are still looking for those few unique eye-catching logos to choose from!!!