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Starts:1-Jul-13 5:43 p.m. GMT

Ends:11-Jul-13 5:43 p.m. GMT


Award 1: $200, was awarded to Gugul


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Creative brief

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What is the exact name you would like in your logo?

Dragon Development

What is your industry?

Software and InfoTech

What are the top 3 things you would like to communicate through your logo?

Dragon Consulting has a 15-year track record of building user-friendly, cross-platform, database-driven business applications that solve business process challenges. Dragon’s solutions optimize visibility through flexible reporting, and enhance performance across complex companies or divisions.

Dragon Consulting has used branding of or like what appears at for approximately the last decade. It is time for a refresh to update the messaging and positioning of the business and develop a logo treatment and site design that is in accordance therewith.

Also updating brand name. We want actually in deliverables to have people play with this long version of the name and also Dragon Dev, which is still just a possible name, but will help us see a shorter version.

Our tone and company feel is expressed in the below bullets, and you should not take any guidance from the current website on these points. View the landscape as tabula raza for this project. We are:
• Smart, market leaders in key areas of focus
• Brainy and capable of listening and deeply understanding complex business problems
• True customization and hand-in-glove service for lifecycle app creation, service, enhancement, maintenance, hosting
• Trusted thought leaders who will solve issues quickly and see problems through to conclusions, working closely with clients throughout

What logo styles do you like (image + text, image only, text only, etc.)

I'm gonna share our logo requirements here:

We want to radically simplify our logo and utilize current, updated colors and fonts that exhibit the brand positioning and tone elements. We know that our fonts and logo treatment (dragon) are dated and a bit “children’s storybook” in feel. We want to completely redefine this with this new logo treatment.
Remember, smart, simple, lean, clean, the software version of “hot.”

Font: Sans serif only

Palette: Gut instinct is that dark grey and a bright orange (magento comes to mind) or a red are the controlling palette. Maybe a mid blue accent color. You might also experiment with anything you think would be cool.

Icon: Yes, we want one but we don’t want anything representational like the current dragon. We want an icon. This could be a horizontal flame, or some other mystical iconic symbol that seems Dragon-ish.

Be creative here, but the byword is SIMPLE, SIMPLE, SIMPLE. This icon will work as a Favicon, be legible at all scale, be just one color with white knockout (or vice versa).

Ultimate Deliverable: We will want a stacked and horizontal version of the winning logo, but we can sort that out in deliverables post-award.

Do you have any other info or links you want to share? is the old site, but this is not instructive at all.
simplicity of is good for logo.

I'm also sharing some sites that work well for the vision in case they help:

Nice guidance for this look can be found at

Nice guidance on cleanliness is here

Although this site is too consumer-oriented, nice guidance on simplicity of message and top-level communication of core benefits is here:

Nice continuous home page example, palette off and consumer-targeted:

Too saturated in color, but a simple wordpress layout is here
Maybe a step too far, but a FANTASTIC use of responsive and a very straightforward proposition with strong/bold graphic presentation for simplicity:

Brief updates

By greenairgirl on 1-Jul-13 11:09 p.m. GMT
Guys. We think it is now more likely that we will go with Dragon Dev, so we'd appreciate effort toward that name vs. Dragon Development. Sorry for the tardy notice.
By greenairgirl on 10-Jul-13 11:01 p.m. GMT
IMPORTANT UPDATES for last 19 hours!

Thank you so much for all your wonderful input and submissions.

We have made some decisions that we'd love to see reflected as this winds down.

1. We want fonts to be shown as Large & Small caps or normal case (cap Ds and rest lower case). So please explore this and avoid all caps.

2. We have 2 diff ideas for the icon as edits. First, a couple threads of flame moving vertically from bottom to top with some intertwine b/t the threads. Slight diff in color with the oranges as diff shades. Round at bottom with 2-3 thread flames up from top. Other idea is taking the D and making a flamy play off the top. Some of you have tried this. Keep at it. flame would come up from top of d/corner of capital D (stay away from small case "d").

3. We want to prefer DragonDev as horizontal vs. stacked.

Thank you again!