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Starts: 14-Jun-13 5:04 p.m. GMT

Ends: 22-Jun-13 2:08 p.m. GMT


Award 1: $410, was awarded to batzorig

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Update 15-Jun-13 GMT
Vail, co should evoke a feeling of fresh mountains. The logo needs to evoke a feeling of promise.. tell a story,, promise and hope for even the most affected athletes.
It should evoke the feeling " I can get better"

Adult and child groups, male AND FEMALE
Make the mothers and sports authorities feel this is credible and legit.
Keep on trying!
Use happy colors. Work on interesting fonts and flow
Update 15-Jun-13 GMT
I am lucky enough to live in Vail, Colorado. I am double lucky in that I love my job. I am a headache specialist (Neurologist) seeing adult, pediatric and females>males. Males are more common to have head injury.
Being an expert in headache disorders (I have double board certification in Neurology, adult/child and Headache Medicine.
What is so awesome about what I do is that people get better. Often with natural treatments- rest, eating right, treating your body right and using medication when necessary.
People who have headaches for years can get better with simple preventive measures, certain vitamins and up to date scientific knowledge!
I want my log to be inviting, come and learn, we will offer you a variety of treatments.
Update 16-Jun-13 GMT
So far, none of the logos look like the picture and the words are meshed together. The fact that it is Vail colorado is important but the Words Headache and Concussion are what will identify what the practice is.
Go for lighter colors -but that can be seen- for the pix- I am not so keen on the picture of the brain. Maybe concentrate on a picture of the head- or maybe design something without a head even.

Keep thinking! Thanks for the entries!
Update 16-Jun-13 GMT
in the browse gallery for logo I like some of the concepts in the FRESH LEAF and new inspirational website logo entries. The words and pictures are more integrated
Update 18-Jun-13 GMT
Dear creatives: The words headache and concussion need to be very visually present.