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Target: Women 27-50 yrs.
Goal: Logo should have curves, water element, simple, attractive, recognizable, playful, fun

We are a well known surf retreat for women. We are established and have been a leader of our industry for almost 10 years. We've had the same logo since the beginning, now we are feeling the desire to have a more "grown-up" feel. More polished. Perhaps more corporate, but still retain our SOUL. We need to continue to represent FUN, Playfulness, Feminine Energy. We feel that there is a better design out there that will represent where we are now and where we are going. We want a logo that represents an industry leader. Solid. Dependable. Established. Something that would look good on a T-shirt or Hat, and that would be recognizable and appropriate for our industry and product.

Our company strengths: We offer life-changing surf and yoga retreats (Focus on Surfing). We don't advertise the life-changing aspect, yet it is a strong component of what we do and support. Our customer service is the very best. We have certified and highly trained and experienced staff and offer an unparalleled personal experience. Many women cry when they leave our week long retreat, because they were so well taken care of, learned so much, and opened up, and changed for the better. We offer a powerful experience with the very best customer care and attention to detail. Our location is right on the beach and the views are stunning. Our word-of-mouth referrals are fantastic. Our reviews are glowing and full of appreciation and loving words.

We offer a very intimate and action packed experience from beginning to end. Simply. . . We are the best.

***Please only take on this assignment if you are excited about it and can see the fun in the creation.

***Especially interested in designers who are women and or surf.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, and good luck!

P.S. View our current website and get a feel for what we do before selecting this project please. Keep in mind. . . Your logo design may propel us to redesign our current website in the near future.

P.P.S. I've attached an image of an artist's painting of a surfer girl and wave. Don't feel confined by this image, it's just an image I like the style of, but it's also a very complicated painting. Just an idea generator perhaps. Please feel free to explore your own directions. Thanks!

Update 21-May-13 GMT
We are located in Costa Rica. It's beautiful, tropical, lush, and life revolves around the beach and waves. Surfing, Surfing, Surfing!
Update 22-May-13 GMT
Excited to see new ideas and directions. . . However, I'd also be open to a re-design of our current logo if some of you liked it and thought you could improve on it.
Update 3-Jun-13 GMT
I wish to provide more input and hope to see some variations of existing designs as well as some more submissions
Update 3-Jun-13 GMT
Heads up everyone:

I don't know how other people rate/grade their designs. I feel like a five star grading system is not enough. A ten star system would be better and possibly more clear. If anything, I am a tough grader. So please don't be offended or feel discouraged. Please assume I like your work more than I may let on. I am very particular and I hope you all rise to the challenge. Thank you all for your creativity and effort. Best of luck!
Update 8-Aug-13 GMT
Hi all,

We just wanted to let you know that the buyer in this project has requested a refund. And, because we offer buyers a money back guarantee, sometimes we have to make good on that promise.

To reward the loyal creatives who worked hard on this project and all the others on the site, we've taken the proceeds from this project and used them to fund our monthly cS Awards program. The cS Awards are issued every month based on varying criteria but are a simple way that we give back to the community and reward our creatives.

Thanks so much for participating and see you around the site,

The cS crew