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Starts: 17-Mar-13 1:17 a.m. GMT

Ends: 24-Mar-13 1:17 a.m. GMT


Award 1: $400, was awarded to fiki

Award 2: $200, was awarded to julesart

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Hello artists: I am looking for a design of a new retail concept I am planning to launch in Austin, TX and online and hopefully in additional physical locations in the future. Please go on to view more info in the private section, but at a high level I can tell you: I would like the central motif to be a horseshoe and the product line of the store/website will include home accessories, some fashion items for men, women and kids, some one of a kind art and antiques, and may involve an equestrian theme. I want something that is classic and elegant, looking a little more industrial or architectural than folksy or feminine. In my head I am picturing a copper or bronze horseshoe with lettering around it but maybe you folks have some better ideas or can interpret that one in a creative way. Please keep in mind I will make this logo into physical signage over my shop and also have it made into a branding iron, shopping bags, price tags, etc. as well as have on the website.

Update 19-Mar-13 GMT
Just in looking at some of the submissions, I am responding better to the ones that look more artistic and less literal. I'm still open to outside of the box ideas that connote elegance in my "Hacienda Austin" brand, but to use horseshoes, I would also like to see some submissions with interesting takes on horseshoes: for example, instead of a single horseshoe inside a circle (could work if well done but not just a computer graphic of a horseshoe), what about 3 interlocking horseshoes on their sides? Picture a game of horseshoes and how they might land around a pin. Is there a way to interpret that in a sleek, elegant way without it being too literal? I would appreciate very much seeing some ideas in that regard.

As always, I appreciate all your creative input. You are really helping me with my business launch! I promise to give prompt and specific feedback and not waste your time.
Update 22-Mar-13 GMT
I added a second award because I am going to select two designs. One for "Hacienda Austin" and one for "Hacienda Collection".

I have the www.hacienda-austin.com and www.hacienda-collection.com websites. The Austin one will mainly be for my physical store and the collection one will be for general e-commerce.

I would like the general style/icon/branding to be the same for both, but just the words will be different. This likely means one artist will win both awards, but I want to make sure folks are fairly compensated for making two versions of the design. Thanks again for all your creativity!