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Starts: 15-Mar-13 7:05 p.m. GMT

Ends: 25-Mar-13 7:05 p.m. GMT


Award 1: $400, was awarded to AVARTDE

Award 2: $400, was awarded to geniusl...

Award 3: $315, was awarded to logolacky

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Biloxi Regional Medical Center is a 198-bed hospital in Biloxi Mississippi. It can trace its roots in the community back more than 100 years. Our current logo (attached) has become a bit old and dated and isn't a good representation of the kind of high-quality, high-tech health care we provide in the Biloxi area. So a refresh or upgrade is in order.

We have very high standards for this project. We'll be limiting the participants to those who's style is a great fit for what we're looking for, and we'll be judging the entries very critically.

Help us to launch a great new public face for our hospital!

Update 17-Mar-13 GMT
This logo should avoid any shapes like a cross with the color blue. Blue Cross/Blue Shield is very aggressive about protecting their brand and any logos that could infringe upon their trademark will be dismissed. We'll likely do the same with red crosses.
Update 20-Mar-13 GMT
A few more details:

It will save you some time if you avoid logos with blue or red crosses. We eliminate these right away due to potential trademark issues.

In fact, it may be good to avoid crosses altogether.

Also- I can't stress this enough- if you logo uses Times New Roman, Avant Garde or any other generic fonts, it will probably be bounced with a "no thank you". Good typography is critical. Please don't use cheap fonts, your design will likely get bounced.

Last- I may have said this before, but just in case - Please make sure that the line "Medical Center" is easily readable in relationship to the rest of the logo (and at small sizes).

Thanks for you time. Keep the great entries coming!
Update 22-Mar-13 GMT
A few more issues that have come out as the entries have begun to roll in...

- Please submit positive logos (ie-on white backgrounds). A logo on a black or dark color background simply isn't realistic for judging purposes as 90% of the time, this logo will be used in a positive, non-reversed use.

- Please avoid crosses and caduceuses (snakes wrapped around a staff to represent healthcare).

- If you submit a logo, please do not submit additional entries that show how it may be used. We can figure that part out.

- Please recheck to make sure everything is spelled correctly - we're getting a surprising number of misspelled logos

- Please ensure that the words "Medical Center" or "Regional Medical Center" (depending on your design) are large enough to be easily readable at smaller sizes

Thanks for your participation, and keep the great entries coming in!