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Starts: 18-Feb-13 9:20 p.m. GMT

Ends: 28-Feb-13 11:59 p.m. GMT


Award 1: $225, was awarded to minimal...

Award 2: $200, was awarded to minimal...

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Update 21-Feb-13 GMT
I am now going to assure an award and giving creative's an extra week to send in their designs.
Update 27-Feb-13 GMT
Tix4Students is a student marketing website for producers and venues of live events through which they may discreetly promote their shows exclusively to the student audience. This is achieved by creating an annual membership program exclusively for students. The program aggregates the student ticket offers for participating shows and gives the students the convenience of purchasing tickets online in advance of the performance. Think simple, clean, logo designs. Think cool color palette.

We have added a second award, all designers welcome!
Update 27-Feb-13 GMT
A 2nd award has been added! Think, clean, simple branding, cool colors, not too flashy, The words that should be emphasized are TIX and Students, the 4 should be secondary.
Update 27-Feb-13 GMT
I want to see more options, so a 2nd award has been added.
Update 27-Feb-13 GMT
Designers, play around with the typesetting, and the use of capitalization to emphasize certain words as seen in the examples below.



or TIX4students

or maybe the last "S" in students slanted or maybe looking a bit more animated like its "jumping" to get the idea of energy in the logo

or maybe part of the word is compressed, or maybe teh 4 is compressed between Tix and Students?

I just feel like something more can come out of this that helps support the company.