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Starts: 31-Jan-13 8:23 a.m. GMT

Ends: 15-Feb-13 8:23 a.m. GMT


Award 1: $500, was awarded to Maly

Award 2: $500, was awarded to Maly

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A little bit about the slogan...it is a way of life; it's meditation to stop repetitive thoughts (i.e. dwelling on something for too long) but its more than that; it is a mindset for/during activity, it's activities like yoga, surfing or playing sports like Tennis or Basketball.

More on the slogan and what it means...In regard to sport it says, "you've done the training, now it's time to execute, you know what to do, so stop thinking so much (i.e. getting lost in your head...just play the game)

It's also about the spiritual transition of 'awakening' - most describe as the caterpillar's transition to the butterfly but I'm not sure the butterfly is the symbol for sports clothing marketing I am looking for.

What I am looking for first and foremost is the slogan as a logo; just the words with some type of encasement; like Harley Davidson. But I also want an image or drawing that goes with the slogan and can be pulled apart from it to represent what the slogan is trying to communicate.

Update 2-Feb-13 GMT
The buyer has uploaded a new file in this project. You can download that file in the DETAILS tab.
Update 6-Feb-13 GMT
Hello, I would like to thank everyone for their submissions and interest. After looking at the initial submissions, I am no longer looking to go the direction of having a logo of someone stretching or of a wolf. As they appeared, these logos are not reflective of the concept or mindset of the slogan; or should I say, the focus groups came back as saying it communicated something other than how I described what the slogan communicated in my initial brief...i.e. trying to get people to stop over thinking things and to become more spiritually aware. I am continuing to look for original and creative free flowing work. If the vision comes into your head that you think would work, please let me know. Logos of someone meditating will not be accepted. I hope this helps. Regards, Stewart
Update 11-Feb-13 GMT
Hello, crowd spring asked me to clarify why the attached photos originally uploaded with the 'brief' have been deleted. I did this because I realized with the initial submissions, that what I was seeing being submitted was not the direction I was wanting to go once I saw how it would look (or could look). At this time I am just looking for someone to look at the slogan and the description of how it reflects a way of life that looks inward for the answers. Everybody is doing great, thank you all so much for your time and effort. Regards, Stewart