Starts: 20-Jan-13 3:51 a.m. GMT

Ends: 6-Feb-13 11:59 p.m. GMT


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New Logo Design for a new division of Existing Company

We are an IT consulting firm that is creating a new division of our company to handle web development, mobile app development, SEO and social media marketing.

We need a new logo that will become the cornerstone of the new brand for this new venture.

Logo needs to communicate professionalism and quality, and present a balance between old-style "corporation" vs young generation "edgy and creative".

Update 29-Jan-13 GMT
I have received several good submissions - some of which have the potential to be the final logo. However, I can't find any yet that I can give 5 stars - I like a lot of the submissions, but I can't yet say that I "love" any of them.

One thing I notice is that most of the logos are going for a conservative corporate look - while I asked for corporate, I also asked for balance between "edgy/creative". I'm hoping in the last few days of this contest that I will see some designs that are a little edgy - perhaps something more with a spider-theme. I'm not looking for cartoon, but the kind of artwork you might find in a tattoo parlor will welcomed. Thanks and good luck -
Webmaster Plus
Update 31-Jan-13 GMT
As a first time user of crowdSpring, I'm now getting the hang of the scoring process. Some good ideas have been submitted, and some additional good ideas were recently added. I will be going through and dismissing the ideas that are not in the running and allow those with 4 or 5 stars to submit revisions to their logos. Thanks to all -
Update 31-Jan-13 GMT
Thanks to all who have been submitting - some guidelines as we get to the final selection:

1. If you include the word "webmaster" in your logo, I prefer "webmaster" be all one color - do not make "web" one color and "master" another. If you want to make "plus" a different color from "webmaster", that is fine.

2. You do not need to submit multiple versions of the same logo just with different colors - we can look at a logo and tell if we like it, and will make color requests if desired.

Thank you all for your efforts - we are getting very close to making a decision and appreciate your logo submissions.
Update 6-Feb-13 GMT
We are no longer accepting submissions - we are finishing up our focus groups, which have been very helpful in this process. Thanks to all for submitting -