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Starts: 15-Jan-13 11:13 a.m. GMT

Ends: 18-Jan-13 9:46 p.m. GMT


Award 1: $400, was awarded to jeeband

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Looking for catchy, bright, fun, logo that enhances the business name and sets it apart from the crowd. It needs to be clean, neat, and able to use on all marketing materials to include clothing, letterheads, and website.

Update 15-Jan-13 GMT
Please focus more on the use of the $, clock, and somehow showing that this is saving time and money.

Please change the name of the company from Schedule It to Schedule It!

Thank you,

Update 16-Jan-13 GMT
I am a member of Rebecca's team and would like to suggest another concept to see how it plays out. Could the S in schedule be made to look like a road? And then either the d or the lower curve in the S hold a clock or stopwatch?

The colors we were thinking included bright sky blue (similar to the blue used in the send button below) and a pumpkiny orange.
Update 16-Jan-13 GMT
Fonts that are appealing to the look I am shooting for are Handwritten, Andalus, Bradley Hand, Modern No. 20, & Georgia.

Bright colors either as a background or as a font color.

Thanks for your help!

PS --- I was thinking more of the rabbit with the pocket watch in Alice in Wonderland. The rabbit being used isn't what I see as applicable.
Update 16-Jan-13 GMT
Thank you everyone for the exciting new ideas so far.....

A few things we as a management group have been discusssing.

1. We really like the clocks.

2. 50% Like the $ sign and 50% (there are 4 of us) don't . Here is the issue. We are trying to incorporate SAVING money. Some feel that the $ says they need to PAY money. Any suggestions would be great! The service that we offer allows people to have their appointments routed on a map, scheduled, and all documentation in a central place. This keeps them from having phone call interruptions all day and spending more time on their work skill instead of scheduling. It is open to all industries.

3. Bright colors are our favorites!

4. The rabbit that is more like Alice in Wonderlands Rabbit is more appealing.

5. Like the check mark ideas! Almost like saying "Scheduled - check"! Done. Go to the next task.

Again, thank you for all your hard work. I have to go to my scheduled appointments today but will be sending lots of feedback tonight! FYI --- we are on EST and typically work till midnight.

Thank you!

The Schedule It! Management Team