Starts: 11-Dec-12 7:48 p.m. GMT

Ends: 24-Dec-12 7:48 p.m. GMT


Award 1: $700

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The logo would be used on the website as well as in promotion. Other similar sites are , , ... Not much of a competition in terms of logo design, but you now have an idea of wht this is all about. The logo needs to appeal to consumers and users, who want to expose something that is wrong in the community, either corruption/fraud/scam ...

I would be willing to pay extra to have logo version for Facebook/Twitter Profile images and Avatars based on the logo.

Do't tell anyone yet, but the logo would be used at , a web mission under development.

Update 12-Dec-12 GMT
Let me further explain the mission statement of the website which will help you design a better logo -

The website and its sister concerns will be an ultimate platform for whistleblowers , exposing corruption and wrongdoing in all aspects of society and government as well as corporates. NaS will also enable common man to post consumer complaints, scam / fraud reports, target cheats and bad businesses. It'll act as a powerful tool to enable people to share what they feel needs to be exposed, the truth.

It will NOT be a tool to defame anyone, just acting as a citizen journalist platform.

The term Name and Shame is widely used in the media, and thats wht the logo should suggest. It should be loud, easily recognisable and effective. Try using custom font and no abbreviations. Don't use too much graphic, but be as creative as you possibly can.
Update 14-Dec-12 GMT
The logo is for the upcoming consumer complaint , whistleblower, scam/fraud reporting site .

We are looking for a bold, creative, in-your-face and very catchy logo which speaks about the mission of the website, ie - naming and shaming whats wrong in the society.

Target Audience - mature audience, samaritans, victims of fraud/scam/cheating. Global audience.

Keywords - name and shame, expose, scams . whistleblower