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Starts: 1-Dec-12 5 p.m. GMT

Ends: 20-Dec-12 10:07 p.m. GMT


Award 1: $650, was awarded to airborne

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This is a logo design project for a law firm. Please read the brief for more details. (NDA required)

Update 2-Dec-12 GMT
Thank you to everyone who has submitted, and especially to Creatives who have made multiple submissions in response to my feedback. I will try to score at least once per day.

If you want your submission to stand out, please show me what your design will look like on a business card, as a gravater, on a web site, etc.

Also, carefully consider whether you want to submit the whole square/quadrants monogram on left, firm name on right design. This is a generic design for a law firm, and I've seen way to many such submissions in this competition. You can try this design, but you need to make it edgy/differentiated enough to stand out without making it too edgy that it becomes inappropriate for a law firm with conservative clients.

Again, my sincere thanks to all the Creatives who submitted designs.
Update 3-Dec-12 GMT
Today's Update:

Thanks to all who submitted in the last 24 hours.

Some thoughts: Let's stay away from designs/symbols that are just overused in law firm logos. They include, courthouse columns, scales, and castellations of every kind. Submit these design elements only if you have the skills to do make these generic design elements look different and stand out while being appropriate for a law firm with conservative clients.

I will continue to review and provide comments at least once per day.
Update 4-Dec-12 GMT
Thanks for all your submissions.

Today's update:
Please get your submissions in by 5pm Eastern Time U.S. After that time the competition will move to focus groups, and I'll have less time to provide feedback on your submission. There still room for great designs, and I'm eager to see what you guys come up with!

Also, please be mindful of my admonition to stay away from generic/stock design elements like columns, castellations, scales, courthouses, etc..
Update 4-Dec-12 GMT
Forgot to mention that the deadline is 5pm Eastern U.S. on Friday, December 7th. Thanks.
Update 5-Dec-12 GMT
Today's update:
Thanks to all who have submitted. I will continue accepting submissions until 5pm Eastern U.S. on Friday, December 7th. So let's get those great designs and design tweaks in! Thanks again to all the Creatives for taking the time to help me find my law firm's logo.
Update 7-Dec-12 GMT
Today's Update:
Thanks for all your submissions. Remember, please get any last minute submissions in before 5pm Eastern U.S. time today. Today will be the last day on which I will be able to provide substantial feedback on new designs and to Creatives who have not previously submitted a design.

Also, let's stay away from trite design elements, such as gavels, shields, castles, scales, columns, courthouses, and the like.

Thanks again!
Update 18-Dec-12 GMT
The time has been extended so finalists can make their last submissions for consideration. Please, no new designs. My thanks to all who participated.