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Starts:9-Nov-12 2:44 a.m. GMT

Ends:29-Nov-12 11:59 p.m. GMT


Award 1: $400, was awarded to Daca


Tip 1: $25, was tipped to Alexnad...


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File 1: expediaLogo.png (1.9 KB)

Uploaded on 9-Nov-12 2:19 a.m. GMT

File 2: UnitedLogo.png (2.1 KB)

Uploaded on 9-Nov-12 2:21 a.m. GMT

File 3: PiperLimeLogo.png (3.6 KB)

Uploaded on 9-Nov-12 2:23 a.m. GMT

File 4: TargetLogo.png (3.7 KB)

Uploaded on 9-Nov-12 2:23 a.m. GMT

File 5: BanannaRepublicLogo.png (1.5 KB)

Uploaded on 10-Nov-12 7:58 p.m. GMT

File 6: random.3.png (6.9 KB)

Uploaded on 11-Nov-12 6:05 p.m. GMT

File 7: scs23.gif (95.2 KB)

Uploaded on 11-Nov-12 6:06 p.m. GMT

File 8: bell_curve.jpg (16.0 KB)

Uploaded on 15-Nov-12 12:19 a.m. GMT

File 9: bellformula.GIF (9.3 KB)

Uploaded on 15-Nov-12 12:23 a.m. GMT

File 10: BellCurve_thumb1.png (10.7 KB)

Uploaded on 15-Nov-12 4:25 p.m. GMT

File 11: 11.png (29.0 KB)

Uploaded on 18-Nov-12 6:11 p.m. GMT

File 12: ecoki.png (11.2 KB)

Uploaded on 18-Nov-12 6:11 p.m. GMT

Creative brief

The buyer added updates to the brief. Read them.

What is the exact name you would like in your logo?


What is your industry?

Education and Universities

What are the top 3 things you would like to communicate through your logo?

I want the logo to convey knowledge, reliability, and quality.

What logo styles do you like (image + text, image only, text only, etc.)

Image and text, but I'd like part or all of the image to be separable from the text as a logo that can be applied to the lower right corner of a video screen.

Do you have any other info or links you want to share?

My website is:

The site offers video instruction for university students taking Statistics. I like all of the included logos below and the last picture is just a clever image that would make a great logo.

Brief updates

By dmcguckian on 10-Nov-12 2:31 p.m. GMT
I am in the process of redesigning the website. Part of that redesign will make the landing page more elegant, so keep that in mind when creating a logo for the business.
By dmcguckian on 11-Nov-12 4:44 p.m. GMT
I really don't want the logo to include a graduation cap. In general, I prefer that the word STATS is bolder than professor, and I prefer the word professor to be in a more fine/elegant font. I really would like an image that can be isolated when necessary to accompany the logo. I prefer the image to the creative use of the company's initials, but I have included a picture of Banana Republic's logo which I think makes good use of the initials. The website is going to be redesigned to look more professional--at the moment I feel it looks like it is designed for a younger age student. That will change, so do not try to match that sites overall style. I want a logo that conveys competency and professionalism, without being too cold or analytical. It would be nice to have a connection to learning, math, or Statistics. The infinity symbol is a great general math symbol. Lowercase Greek letters are also common to the subject. The bell curve is iconic in Statistics. The idea of seeing the forest in spite of the trees is a good metaphor for the discipline of Statistics. Also, the idea of an impressionistic painting is a great metaphor for how little data point can come together to form a picture. I like that idea the best, but what picture should the little dots form, I am not certain.
By dmcguckian on 14-Nov-12 4:10 a.m. GMT
I thought it might be helpful to explain what my product does, and who my customers are. At the moment, 2/3rds of my customers are women in their early 20's. The other 1/3rd are men in their early 20's. They are students who are afraid that they will not do well in their Stats course because mathematics is not in their comfort zone. I want my logo to convey quality, safety, peacefulness, knowledge, wisdom, and competence. It should seem reassuring, and it shouldn't be too stuffy or childish. The students want to see that the company is reputable and quality, but they don't want another stuffy, unhelpful source of instruction like their professor or textbook. It should reach them on their level. If the design looks like something a law firm would use, that probably won't appeal to my customers. The logo should be clever or hip without being trendy. 85% of my customers use an Apple product to access my site--Apple knows how to appeal to my customers. Their logo is strong, stylish, and clever. Everything that I'd love in a logo.
By dmcguckian on 15-Nov-12 12:25 a.m. GMT
Please keep in mind that I will want to use the logo in print as well as on-line, so three colors is a maximum.
By dmcguckian on 22-Nov-12 1:55 a.m. GMT
This week is going to be very busy for me, and I will not have enough time to devote to picking the ultimate award winner. For this reason, I am extending the contest deadline, so that I will have enough time to review the submission and to choose a winner. Thanks for your understanding.
By dmcguckian on 27-Nov-12 7:56 p.m. GMT
I am looking for a logo that reflects what my business does. The logo should convey video instruction and Statistics. If a part of the design does not convey something specifically related to my business then I don't want it in the design--for example, no swooshes. It should not be too abstract. If someone cannot guess what the icon is, I don't want it. Statistics should not be represented by a pie chart or simple bar graph. Any overused images like a graduation cap or little figures are not welcome either. A logo that only uses the company initials will have a harder time winning since I really want something that has an image. I do not want any kind of shimmering colors or two-toned colors. I prefer 3 or less colors, and I want those colors to be solid. I prefer elegant fonts like Trajan. Finally, I like symmetry, so the logo should look balanced.
By crowdSPRING on 28-Nov-12 12:01 a.m. GMT
The buyer has uploaded a new file in this project. You can download that file in the DETAILS tab.
By dmcguckian on 28-Nov-12 6:50 a.m. GMT
The very last image that I added to the brief was only entered for the benefit of a designer who created that icon. I wanted to show the designer the one very small change to his design that I was looking for. Please do not copy his design. I will not score design that try to use that idea in their layout.