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    Tayla Made b by bildix

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Starts:2-Nov-12 7:42 p.m. GMT

Ends:15-Nov-12 11:59 p.m. GMT


Award 1: $300, was awarded to bildix


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File 1: 81953c57e054dcddb3e86d... (42.7 KB)

Uploaded on 4-Nov-12 7:40 p.m. GMT

File 2: logotypek.png (250.5 KB)

Uploaded on 4-Nov-12 7:43 p.m. GMT

File 3: e0ffae64aa0dd974315232... (8.3 KB)

Uploaded on 5-Nov-12 12:52 p.m. GMT

File 4: tn_cb45ba076794133cead... (14.5 KB)

Uploaded on 5-Nov-12 10:03 p.m. GMT

Creative brief

The buyer added updates to the brief. Read them.

What is the exact name you would like in your logo?

Tayla Made Leisure

What is your industry?


What are the top 3 things you would like to communicate through your logo?

Professional suppliers, Best quality service, Very Reliability

What logo styles do you like (image + text, image only, text only, etc.)

My company name does not really reflect the nature of business that i do ie supply slot machines referred to as fruit machines in the UK!...so some kind of image reference would be good, slot synbol maybe!. Image and text is my preference with colours Black, White, Gold. This is a link of the kind of thing i like example as follows http://cre8tive.me/golden-past http://www.slotsmamma.com/

Do you have any other info or links you want to share?

The nature of my business is the supply to bars and clubs, on a rental basis of amusment games ie fruit machines quiz machines, pool tables but mainly fruit/slot machines.

Brief updates

By wabefirst on 3-Nov-12 1:55 p.m. GMT
Important! My company name is tayla made leisure so can all creatives apply this to logos. Thank You!
By wabefirst on 3-Nov-12 2:57 p.m. GMT
Hi. Quick brief for creatives. I have uploaded some text i think looks, maybe for the tayla part of the text! so have a look pls. Also although my stated colours are black gold white, I do like the look of a deep red as an alternative.

Thank You
By wabefirst on 3-Nov-12 3:53 p.m. GMT
Colour Likes ideas;

metalic pale gold

bling gold

bling gold text on metalic pale gold background

black, dark gray or deep red background

Thank You
By wabefirst on 3-Nov-12 4:39 p.m. GMT
tayla in fancy text ... made in plain text?
By wabefirst on 3-Nov-12 9:06 p.m. GMT
I'm looking for something with a more of a contemporary look with more emphasis on the name with a gaming look to it. Classy!!

Some Ideas have been uploaded and I will continue to look for stuff!

Thank You
By wabefirst on 3-Nov-12 11:57 p.m. GMT
I'm not in immediate rush for my logo as it is needed for my website which will be ready to go live in a couple of weeks... though early ideas are most welcomed and preferred pls!

Thank You
By wabefirst on 4-Nov-12 12:22 a.m. GMT
I have included some symbols typically seen on a UK fruit machine.
By wabefirst on 4-Nov-12 11:38 a.m. GMT

Nature of business; I mainly lease fruit/slot and some games machines to bars/ night clubs and leisure facilities.
I looking for something that symbolises my business sector but contemporary somewhat!

Colour ideas; metallic pale gold, black, dark grey, deep red, hints of white

I have uploaded some stuff on my project and will be looking to put more stuff on over the coming days.

PS. Something a bit unique...all suggestions welcomed!
By wabefirst on 4-Nov-12 2:01 p.m. GMT
Hi... and thanks to all for sending your ideas as it is appreciated.
I have added a fair few logo examples to my project to show the kind of stuff i like.

Something eye catching but simpe and unique to the service i povide!!

As i do understand my Assured fee is not the highest on the site I am gratfull to all showing interest.

All ideas welcomed.
Kind Regards
By wabefirst on 4-Nov-12 6:03 p.m. GMT
I'm looking for a logo design that is simple, memorable, and a good representation of the service I provide.

Thank You
By wabefirst on 4-Nov-12 8:02 p.m. GMT
I have recently added two logo's to my profile 'Greico Law in black' and 'Elycyum in blue'.
These two styles are done in a nice way...the same colour throught but a different shade of text. Have a look pls

Maybe the Tayla in gold, Made...the same colour as the background but shaded differently and some kind of art like symbol with reference to my service. The back ground of these logo's seem to have a shimmer effect to them also.

Hope this helps you... and me! find what I'm looking for!

By wabefirst on 4-Nov-12 10:23 p.m. GMT
I have recently added two file logo's to my profile 'Greico Law in black' and 'Elycyum in blue'.
These two styles are done in a nice way...the text is the same colour as the background but with a different shade. Have a look pls

Maybe the Tayla in gold, Made and leisure being the same colour as the background but different shade. I would like some kind of art like symbol with reference to my service. The back ground of these logo's seem to have a shimmer effect to them also.

Hope this helps you... and me! find what I'm looking for!

By wabefirst on 5-Nov-12 12:59 p.m. GMT
Hi all. Might I put more emphasis on file 12 and 13 as these are my most liked logos. I would like this type of embossed text with Tayla in gold.

But all suggestions welcomed!!.
By wabefirst on 5-Nov-12 10:45 p.m. GMT
Hi Creatives

I have updated my materials and removed most of my files to try and simplifey thing's for you. I have left 4 files that I think say it all...and hopefully give you guys a clearer idea of what I want. Here goes!!

You don't need to put to much input in to the colour as the most important thing is the general style!.
The embossed/silhouette text look in file1 and file2 is perfect, combined this with the modern/ contemorary layout of file3 and file4 is the idea. Note that file3 and file4 have a small drawing or piece of art that is unique to there service!.

By wabefirst on 6-Nov-12 12:16 a.m. GMT
can creatives find or create/draw a bit of art?. Maybe a side of a one armed bandit or similar. Suttle but would idenrify my service.
By wabefirst on 6-Nov-12 8:17 p.m. GMT
Have creatives got any good ideas I could use for a brand symbol for my company logo that people could identify with the service I privide. Just somthing simple, a fruit machine drawing, an arm of a one armed bandit.... ect.
Please have a look at briefs, file 3 and file 4 for examles... or Is this kind of thing difficult to do?. All honest opinions welcomed

Kind Regards
By wabefirst on 8-Nov-12 12:30 a.m. GMT
Thanks to all creatives for all pieces. I have removed all the stuff I less like and have left the ones that I think are ok and the ones I really like.
By wabefirst on 8-Nov-12 7:10 p.m. GMT
please ignore my brief posted on the 3rd November revering to logo coloring as getting the correct brand design is far more important for me.
By wabefirst on 9-Nov-12 11:53 p.m. GMT
after viewing all entry's to date. I do prefer the designs with the emblems on either left or right of the text.I would love for that one unique,simple modern art emblem with nice plain but modern text that would help customers identify my company service!!!
Examples and ideas in file 3 and 4 in briefs and how I'm scoring the gallery.

Thanks ...hopes this helps
By wabefirst on 10-Nov-12 10:35 p.m. GMT
On looking through my brief updates I suppose you could say they are a bit conflicting..so sorry. Please read brief updates dated from (10th November) for a more clearer idea!.

There are a couple of good sample ideas in file 3 and file 4.

Would love a simple looking logo with a modern art type picture/ drawing or clip art that could identify my company service.

My Company service is to provide fruit machines to bar's and club's.
Thanks for you patience